Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New York-Opoly

No more Boardwalk and Park Place it's all about the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty. Playing this game brought back such fond memories. Matias's most prided property the Bronx zoo!

2 hours later and Mati is totally kicken our butts

Pili was good to us and took a very long nap

Closing out Christmas....

.... with a Capoeira party.

Fortunately (hehe) one of my fellow capoeirist didn't show up and as a nominee I was able to take home the award for this years Revelacion (rookie of the year).

WHoo whoo

Christmas day

Wouldn't be Christmas for me if the kids didn't wake up to find a few more presents under our "christmas clock" forwent the tree this year.

Nothing like a dip in the pool on Christmas day, quite the change from NYC. We missed the magical snow falls this year not sure bout that Bbblizzard though.

Las nenas

Christmas with Pili this year was a riot. She is extremely sassy, dramatic,and talkative, and hence the excitement of Christmas with her was quadrupled. Every present she opened she said "look" atleast 10 times to make sure that everyone saw. She is a party girl and was totally livin it up. I wonder if this was the peek year for her, though I'm hopiing for even more excitement next year.

2nd attempt

for a decent family picture

Pili Whacking me

Mati doing his thing.

bad light, UGGHH the best we got

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve/ Noche buena

First things first.... Dinner. Ham and cold salads not my favorite but I enoyed the food a lot this year.

Waiting for Santa, at this point it was a 11:45 just 15 more minutes for Santa's arrival.

Forget waiting for everyone to be asleep and coming down the chimney. Here in BA Santa walks right through the door at midnight. Mati waiting to take care of the bags of toys.

BOA and Tarantula hot items this year. For Pili more babydolls, she can't seem to get enough.

Watching the fireworks

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010


a 2 hour line so we opted for the nutcraker

last day of school

Best friends (notice Pili's need for attention)

"Girlfriend" Delfina, Mati goes for the shy ones.

Mati had an amazing year with Gisella. However, we have opted to go with Public Schools next year. I hope they do not dissapoint.

end of year act

Nico filmed in clips to essentially help me edit. However, I can not edit with this camera hence a little frustration. So out of the 7 clips I forced myself to try an choose 3, not an easy task since every moment was so precious to me. Mati was right on, and I was one proud mom. His BF Peti is the little crazy one beside him. Hilarious! Definitely the best act of the night!

Summer Days

I just love coming across pictures like this

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kicken off the summer.....

Really this cut was way past due! Nico finally gave in. All it took was Mati telling him he wanted his hair to stand up.