Friday, November 22, 2013

Pili turns FIVE!

Last year Pili was determined to stay four forever.  She would get upset when we talked about her turning five.  However, she's been counting down for her birthday the entire month or longer.
She found all of her presents before hand, she is quite the sneaky one.   I have to find new hiding spots in the house or put a lock on my closet door.

This year Pili requested crepes for breakfast, Mcdonalds for lunch, and Milanesas with mashed potates for dinner.
Since we had Capoeira class tonight we decided to do a small Capoeira party.  Pretty much just the students and she picked 3 extra friends to invite.
They had a great time.
Pili is a charmer.  Everyone's in love with her.  She is super mature, funny, girly, has incredible facial expressions, and talks kind of snobby (clueless type girl) a lot of time but for now we think it's cute. 
She is also super sensitive and can get her feelings hurt easily if she feels someone is making fun her.
She doesn't like when we tell people all the funny stuff she says and laugh about it.
One day she will laugh at herself though and appreciate her humor.
You could also call her the oxymoron girl.  Some quotes from her this year are:  

- Even though my heart doesn't like it or me, I just like how it taste
- I love carrots with my salad but I've never tried it
- I'm freezing hot
- I like it, but I don't like it
- Have a good day sleeping
- When I was big....
- It was big but small
- roll the window down (when she means up)

I usually shy from the camera in the morning but was able to get enough make-up on to get a picture with my little princess.

She loves her Echinacea tea

We lucked up to have Nico home with us.  He sprained his ankle and has been working from home this  week.

She wanted to ride the carousel at the mall so we ended up eating at Chik filet, all she wanted was french fries.  I let Matias stay home from school today.  They get along so well and have so much fun together.  I knew that it would make her birthday that much better to spend the day with her big bro.

She picked out this cake and we added the rainbow to it.  In Capoeira her nickname is Arco Iris which means rainbow.

Not a party without balloons

Mati, Sebas, Nico, Yuri, Gaby, Helena, Pili, Nicole, Grace, Sydney

Feliz Cumple Pili TE RE QUETE SUPER AMO!!!!!!

Everyone seemed to know just what to get for her.  Pili LOVES Pajamas.  She would stay in them all day long if she could.  As soon as she gets home she changes into her pajamas no matter what time of day.

She screamed with excitement when she opened a present which contained bubblegum.  She said later that the Bubblegum was her favorite gift.  I know what I'll be adding to everyones gifts for now on!

 She also loves baby dolls.  She has at least 15 of them but can't seem to get enough.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cox Farm

  It was the final weekend at Cox Farm and it just happened to be beautiful weather so I insisted we go.   I was so impressed by our first trip  we took almost two years ago when Jessi came to visit and I really wanted to get it in this year.  I'm glad we did and we had a good time, but it was packed and the lines were long, so the slides just hardly seemed worth the wait.
 Then the wind picked up and we ended up freezing because we totally underdressed.
Better luck next year!

Halloween = "The Force"

Matias and Pili  really got into Star Wars over the summer, July to be exact.   Nico took the week off from work  and we watched the first one: The Phantom Menace. They could hardly wait to watch
Part II so we took off to Best Buy to purchase both trilogies.  We watched one everyday for the rest of the week.  For me it turned into a very nice afternoon nap since I couldn't manage to stay awake through any of them.   We were really surprised that Pili enjoyed them so much and soon came to realize that it was really Queen Amidala "Padme" that she fell in love with and she frequently asks to watch just scenes from the movie that she is in.
After that week they had both decided what they wanted to be for Halloween.  So this year no homemade costumes nothing to original but totally classic : Darth and Padme!


Zaharina and Nicole

I was so close to not dressing up this year but didn't want to let the kids down so I surprised them with R2D2

Not only did we celebrate Halloween we also celebrated Maria Belen's 29th birthday and the fact that she's expecting!!

 I love how the kids sort their candy