Sunday, June 27, 2010

Argentina vs Mexico 3-1

Straight to the OBELISCO!!! Need I say more! Warning: there is a lot of horn honking/blowing in this video.

obelisk jeep fans

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am still Loyal

And I'm proud to be an American......
Proof that we were watching and rooting for USA!
They put up a good fight. I really am proud.
It's not over though, you all can chant with us now!!!
Vamos Vamos Argentina. Surely you've got it down by now.
We've got a big game tomorrow!!

Chanting Patriotically

The kids were not watching the game.

Converted garage into playroom. First playroom I've ever seen in BA

Andrea was a fabulous host. Nico met Andrea and her family when he was six and on vacation. The Delellis and Rodriguez family hit it off and took summer vacations together for the next 10 years and became great friends. I ran into Andrea several weeks ago in the plaza and turns out they live in our same neighborhood. Olivia her blonde daughter is almost 3 and is so fun, I think Pili has landed herself a good friend.

Andrea's parents Luisa and Daniel. Luisa scored lots of besos by bring Mati a bakugan :) They actually stopped by last year while visiting NY to say hi.

of course we had ASADO from off that parilla behind the swing.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Word on the street

Everybody's talkin about the Summer heat so I thought I'd mention the weather here in Buenos Aires. Reminder, it is winter here. Low 45 High 61. Not a cloud in the sky. And you know what the word on the street is?
Allow me.....
I almost didn't send so and so to school today. The low this morning was 40 degrees
I sent so and so to school with 5 layers on, I'll just die if he gets sick on me.
Are you sending Mati to schoool tomorrow? Even in this cold weather?
Where are her socks?
Aren't you cold?
2:00 and I still see people in sweaters, leather jackets, poncho, and scarves!!
Barefoot? YES! We're in the house for goodness sakes and our heating system is through the floors, but it still seems to baffle people.
I've realized that being barefoot in ones home or in the home of another is a serious no-no. After playing in the backyard at Mabel's a few months ago, a friend tells her son to put his shoes on before entering the house. Now that baffled me!!

Some medical advice for Argentineans: (who remember are dearly loved by me)
It’s true some people are always cold for example Argentineans. They sleep under five comforters in the winter and always carry an extra sweater on the hottest summer days (hey, there’s always the risk of an over-zealous air conditioner!). Does this mean there’s something medically wrong with these people? Probably not—although there is a condition called severe cold intolerance, it’s rare but does exist especially in South America.
Dr. So and So.

Toughen Up! words of one of my NY neighbors who always went out on the coldest of days with jacket on but unzipped and chest hairs showing. He was tough.
Oh and I do hope I'm getting on their nerves when I say "Sorry ladies I came from NY this is nothing, I 've yet to pull out my coat."
one more thing. Mati's teacher told him he needed to bring his coat to school. I was kind of feeling like a bad mom but was reminded his teacher is just another case of severe cold intolerace, and I am a great mother who would never send their child to school without a coat on a cold day.

Mati's first swimming lesson he lasted about 10 minutes before he had a melt down and I went in to rescue him. I told the teacher he wasn't ready and she said "No, you're not ready." Maybe she was right. I hadn't prepped for it. He was invited by his friend Tizi last minute and since Mati wanted to go I thought we'd go ahead and give it a shot, niether one of us knew what we were getting into.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

window shopping done ruffled my feathers

I love to window shop especially when I go to pick Matias up from school which is usually just once a week. His school is located in the heart of Villa del parque our closest commerical area. From the time I get off the bus for the next three blocks I take it all in. However, I rarely ever go in because I've got Pili on my hip and 5 minutes before the "bell" rings.
Recently though a jacket caught my eye. It was one I had seen several weeks ago on a poster in the mall but it had not yet arrived in the store.
I had to go in and try it on. The lady handed me a medium. It was to big. She said "don't worry there is a small on the manequin." I asked how much the jacket cost. Eight hundred pesos. I suppose she saw the look on my face, but I insisted to try on the small in the window. The vendedor, "It will fit you I'm sure, it's your size."
"umm excuse me but do you know how many articles of clothing I've tried on in size small that aren't the right fit for me?" After going back and forth she says "You'll have to give me a deposit if you want to try the jacket that is on the manequin."
You all know me and I am not confrontational at all but she pushed my buttons. I let this woman have a piece of my mind. "I'm not going to give you a penny without trying the jacket on first, DEJATE DE JODER! And you must be crazy if you think you can sell a jacket for 800 pesos without letting the client try it on first" and on and on I went until I stormed out totally ticked off, but not feeling bad. I was proud of myself for not taking her bullsheez.
Mabel went back in a few days later but the witch wasn't there. She is still planning on going in and asking to try the jacket on and I've already plotted with Nico to go in and say he wants to buy the jacket off the manequin and then change his mind the last minute. YES I am out to get this lady back. The Julia Roberts is coming out in me! "Big Mistake, Big, Huge, I have to go shopping now"

Inspired by Andy's mom

TOY STORY 3 - Al infinitio y mas Alla!

Homemade playdough inspired by not having any playdough and Matias insisting he wants it and it's Sunday. I kneaded that dough and sang my heart out... I've been working on the playdough all the live long day
It still ended up sticky, I've got a bit of improving to do.

Saw the preview for Karate Kid. I CAN'T WAIT. Mati either. He watched the trailer over and over last night on the computer. I would love to take him and his buddies but then it occured to me I am not watching this movie dubbed in Spanish. I want to hear the real voices of that adorable Smith kid and Jackie Chan.
Surprisingly I handled Toy Story very well in Spanish. I think I've been here to long already.

Argentina vs Grecia 2-0

I was a little bummed today because I wanted to take the kids to Nico's office to watch the game but Nico didn't think it would be appropriate. Yesterday I called a bar/restaurant that accomodates kids and they said they wouldn't have a large screen to watch the game nor would they even be open :( I realized that if I took the kids anywhere to watch the game we would be a nuisance. So we stayed home and watched the game just the 3 of us. We sprawled out on the couch with smiley face fries and banana and nutella and had a good ol'time. Matias watched the entire game with me and his company was sublime. We had a ball!!!! I am glad I was forced to stay home. Pili she chanted with us and did her thing; not typical of her to just hang out, but she actually allowed us to watch the game and you'd think she uderstood the sport already.
During the game I was reminded of my ancestry and felt a little pity on Greece. My Greanie Helen was Greek. I hardly knew her because she passed when I was just a tot. However, I knew her 3 sisters well. Aunt V, Effie, and Earlie. They were a riot. SO MUCH FUN. I love them dearly and have very fond memories of them; playing cards, doing black magic, reading our palms. My first cigarette came from Aunt Effie's stash. I could never inhale, just puffs.
It's to bad they lived in NH and us FL and our times together were limited. I do admire them, and I like to think I have some of their Greek blood in me. I'd love to visit Greece one day. Now back to futbol!

Trying to get comfortable on the couch..... Mati let out a squeal.

Now we got it right. Pobre Mati, he takes a lot from the girls in his life.

The kids also ate cold hotdogs and greenbeans. I wasn't about to miss a goal to heat them up. I don't have a microwave; heating is not as simple as 123 start.
I think I'll serve them cold food for now on though cause they ate well!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Why did the Policia (cop) cross the street?

To buy a pirated movie from a street vendor. Wait. Did I say BUY? Let me tell you the story.

This lady, I won't say names but she is a really honest person and you guys all know her well, was scanning through pirated movies looking for something to watch with her hubby on Sunday night (since Monday was a holiday). This lady got a little nervous when the Policia approached. She asked the vendor if the policeman was going to take them both to jail. The vendor assured the lady everything was just fine. So the lady bought the movie and went on her way. The next day she had to return the movie b/c it was a bad copy and was unwatchable. Curious, she asked the muchacho vendedor "Did that policia buy a movie?" No, he told her, "I had to give it to him." The lady felt a bit of frustration, "so that's how it works, shaking her head, "asi es la vida" that's life for ya. She was feeling bad for the guy even though he was selling pirated movies. She was feeling furious with that dishonest, cheap-scape COP, taking advantage of the system.
Her hubby said she is just as bad because she buys pirated movies. She told her him that she is helping the poor make a few bucks to survive. It gets very complicated. Should this lady stop buying pirated movies from off the streets?
Is she really just as dishonest as that cop?

I think I've got to work on my story telling. I need to look at my notes from Freshman Comp. Lauren/Janelle feel free to give me some pointers

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Publicity de Claro "Alegria" para el World Cup 2010

Dylan, I couldn't find the commercial I like with Messi but I think there are a few international commercials that maybe you have seen. I'm so happy you are sporting your Messi jersey. Makes us very proud..... And you've scored the best nickname a junior soccer star can have "Messi"
Good Luck this season and here is another one of my favorite commercials in Argentina for the WC. It's Fun! I hope Argentina gives us the chance this year to go celebrate at the Obelisk.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Argentina = muy buenas fiestas

My dad made a joke once after attending Florencia's wedding, he said "There is so much poverty in Argentina because they spend all their money throwing parties."
I think he would make the same joke had he attended Alma's 2nd birthday today.
It was fabulous. Should I start my business back up in the US I have a lot of new ideas. Join the party if you may. I promise you will be intrigued.

Meet Alma we are VERY HAPPY that she turned 2 today.

Now check out these videos. The party went out with a BANG! Of course they saved the best for last, but I can't hold out on you guys, so first off : BLACK LIGHTS!

Black light defected due to flash, but you get the idea.

Well Color me happy, Whinnie Pooh took a rainbow crap and the kids are rummaging through it trying to find candy.

THE CLOWNS (Alma's dad) and the MONKEYS (Alma's uncles)
The Clowns salsa dance was just mediocre so no dollar bills just balls
Velcro bananas on the monkeys

Argentine fries. The French would have never let so many kids in the kitchen!! My jokes are getting lame, it's late.

Quack Quack

My hat goes off to those entertainers; two and a half hours of solid fun. Not a soul lost interest, except for some of the men who have clearly lost touch with their juvenescence.
I do hope the family isn't expecting Pili's party to be of the same caliber. Mami Ke-Kee will be doing all the entertaining because as much as I loved the entertainment I still prefer doing things my way, (simple and sweet and funand easy on the pocketbook) atleast while Pili still thinks I'm the best thing to walk the earth.

Friday, June 18, 2010

bendito tu eres entre todas las mujeres

blessed art thou among women

I invited a few kids over today and only the girls showed up. I was feeling really bad for Mati and offered to call his neighbor friend Tizi to come over. What I failed to recognize was that Mati was in HEAVEN! Tres chicas all to himself.

A couple of days ago he informed me, as if I didn't know, that girls had boyfirends and boys had girlfriends and then they get married. He was going to marry Peti his friend (who is a boy). He obviously still has some sorting out to do. I said "you can't marry Peti he is a boy" His response "yes it would be cute" He went on to tell me that Ema is Peti's girlfriend and that we needed to invite her to his birthday party. I asked him who was his girlfriend and he said "Pili" Perfect answer!

Did I embarass you?

Yesterday I went to pick Matias up from school all decked out in my Argentina gear WIG and all. I thought Mati would get a kick out of it and maybe even his friends too. I hoped the mother's wouldn't turn their backs on me.
When Mati saw me through his window, he had a strange look on his face, maybe I was being paranoid but he didn't seem so excited to see me looking like an Argentine clown, and I thought oh no maybe I've embarassed him.
I asked him last night. "Mati did I embarass you today at school with that funny wig on." He said " No, but I didn't know it was you and then when I realized I came running really fast."

Swoosh. I feel better.

And our Little Pli is a Big Fan too.
She goes around the house singing Vamos Vamos Argentina and Ole Ole Ole. Her latest lullabies are all soccer songs.
Is the national WC Hymn a hit in the US? Here's the spanish/english version Now Wave your FLAG We love it!
O O O O Ooooooo Oooooo OO Ooooooooo

En las calles muchos manos
levantadas, celebrando.
Una fiesta sin descanso,
los paises como hermanos.

Seremos Grandes, Seremos Fuertes,
Somos un pueblo
Bandera de libertad
que viene y que va

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What will an Argentine peso get you?

So far I've found all you can get with a peso is a piece of bubaloo chewing gum or a banana IF you're lucky and it doesn't weigh too much!

I had the car today so I decided to take advantage and take Pili to the mall to look for a pair of winter shoes. I had time to kill and decided to shop a bit. There were several things that I was interested in....
Boots for Pili first and fourmost (100 pesos)
Ben 10 gloves for Matias (21 pesos)
Bubble Bath (12 pesos)
tights for Pili (45 pesos)
Slippers (35 pesos) I ended up buying these off the street for 20 and the princess sticker has already peeled off :(
Cotton shirt with a little yorkie on it that Pili went crazy over (66 pesos)
A stroller for Pili to push her dolls around in (220 pesos)
I just happened to notice what a real stroller combo cost (2250 pesos)
Time to eat ... A happy meal(19 pesos)or fresh pasta (23 pesos) opted for the pasta.
Playland (3 pesos any ride which last about 20 seconds)
A couple random things that caught my eye....
Nerf gun (170 pesos)
Cinderella dress up (90 pesos)
Tricycle (400 pesos)

I thought going to the mall with 300 pesos was plenty however, I could have EASILY spent 500 since everything cost an arm and a leg.
It frustrated me and made me curious. Curious to know what was the average salary of Porteños (people from Buenos Aires). I googled it. The average monthly wage 2,500 pesos. The average person really can't afford to eat at McDonalds or step foot in the mall. However, over all, the people are happy and know how to enjoy life, but do complain often about the politics of the country. I remember a conversation I had with a friend in New York who spent time in the slums of India with small children. I asked her how she could do it without it totally breaking her heart. Her response was "The kids are happy, laughing and smiling, it's all they know." I guess it's kind of like that for Argentineans as well, except I sense they do feel it b/c for about 10 years (1991-2001) they were in an era where the peso was equivalent to the dollar and things were affordable. Then came the CRASH in 2001 and overnight things changed drastically. For the most part though I feel they have accustomed to buying a bottle of water for 5 pesos or a dessert for 15, or how about a tiramisu for 30 pesos (ridiculous but Nico insisted I treat myself). I don't think I would ever be able to fully accustom to these prices. One thing that I noticed that people do possibly to help them cope is say "well 300 pesos for a shirt at the mall isn't bad is it? It is less than 100 dollars." HELLO we're all earning in pesos so why bother to make these comparisons. It really does make things any better, to think in terms of dollars.
Two months into the school year and Mati's tuition was upped 100 pesos. What? (It's only 35 dollars guess it's really not that bad) How can anyone budget here? Oh and a gallon of milk- HOLD ON TO YOUR PANTS- is almost 20 pesos and rising. The list goes on, it's hard to stop; movie tickets (21 pesos)
I try not to comment in converstion about my thoughts on prices here (though it is really hard) because I know for me this is temporary (I'm pretty sure) but for most Argentineans the struggle will never end.
So it's a fact the Argentine peso doesn't amount to a whole lot but fortunately there is the charismatic Argentine culture that is unmeasureable!
I do love this country!
ps: What can you get with a dollar? 10 pieces of bubaloo, 4 bananas, a soda, a candy bar.???? Oh and then there is the DOLLAR STORE, I guess the list is infinito!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lacoste all the way for father's day!

We made these scarves in YW/RS (church) for father's day.
I let the ladies know I was disapointed in them and that I thought it was a very decietful activity. We Mormons are Hypocrits.
New Yorkers- think you could sell some of these for me in chinatown? I'll split the profit :) Mati can be our Model (he was not happy I used him as a manequin)
for those who are without humor today. I'm just kidding.

Materials needed: A piece of Felt. Scissors. Glue. and a gator!

Monday, June 14, 2010

La rubia tarada - dumb blonde

La rubia tarada, bronceada, aburrida, The stupid, tan, boring blonde
Me dice "Porque te Pelaste" says to me "why did you shave your head?"
Y Yo "Por el asco me da tu sociedad. and I say "your society makes me sick,
Por el pelo de hoy cuanto gastaste?" How much did you pay today to dye your hair?

You'd have to hear the song by Sumo but it's one of Nico's favorites and I can't believe after singing these stanzas so many times he still insisted I go blonde. If I remember right I was just going for some highlights. But my girlfriend who claimed she was a professional and was going to make me look like one of Victoria Secret's models really didn't know what she was doing.

I got him back
(we look sad here cause I'm about to put him back on a plane to BA.
His abuelo about had a heart attack when he saw him and asked him. "Where's the tatoo?")

Nico or Sisco? Anybody remember that thong song???

Kayli and Kristen

Nico was going through pictures yesterday at his parents and found this one.

He came in and showed us and we were all awwwing and so ofcourse Pili wanted to see what all the hype was about. When she saw the picture she said "Pili, Mati."
Somewhat close, maybe, no not really.