Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thrill-seeking Pilar

She loves Roller coasters, fast slides, and merry-go-rounds!
(birthday party yesterday)

Not so crazy about club soda but still drinks it

How to make a submarino
1- hot milk
2- bar of chocolate
3- pack of sugar
4- STIR!!!

IT'S GOOD! Hot chocolate doesn't exist here but SUBMARINOS are on every menu!

one talented mami

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winter Vacation

Mati had last week and this coming week off school. I'm keeping him busy or better said wearing him out! On school nights he goes to bed around 11 this past week he crashed about 9:30ish every night :)

We celebrated Friends day with 3 of Mati's friends from school plus their brothers. It went something like this.... Lichi and Chicho, Nacho and Pancho, Peti and Juan. GREAT KIDS!

He had his first sleepover with Ivan a kid from church who we adore. We took Ivan to experience a taste of Brasil.

Mati's friends (ALL OF THEM) go crazy over the leapster.

We went to see Topa who I now listen to more than I used to listen to Garth Brooks and Boys II Men.

Then headed to Argentina's Coast to Mundo Marino (Sea World) in San Clemente just 3 hours southeast of Buenos Aires.
The Cabanas (cabins)very flinestoneish, cool, but not so comfy and those stairs made me a nervous wreck. Kids went crazy over the bunk beds.

On our way to the beach (3 blocks) we fell in love with this horse which seemed so out of place. Then we were so excited when we stumbled upon the church just minutes after Nico said "I wonder if there is a chapel here" On Sunday we stopped in to see what it was like. There were 12 people in attendance; 7 adults, 3 kids, and the missionaries in which one was the president of the branch. The spirit was as strong as ever. It was a very humbling experience. The population of San Clemente is 18,000
It is a very poor town but the coast and Mundo Marino help provide to the people.


Downtown San Clemente

We couldn't get Pili off this mini train rollercoaster. I think we road it 5 times and then the lady told her it broke and we were able to get her off with just a little frown.


Kshamenk's mate past away a few months ago and we heard that he has been acting up but thankfully he put on a good show for us with his new partner Floppy (a dolphin)
They say that the Orca copes better with a companion

"the water monster from the very entertaining lake show"

this goat was drinking so desperately that she got choked up and spit milk everywhere, just my luck.

slides da bomb

Frozen chocolate banana mmmmmmmmmmmmm

On our way home from Mundo Marino (sea world)
young guachos, stop to buy souvenirs for family; cheese and salami. A lot of dirt roads. Sledding down sand dunes. Pili got into the bread.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Beats

Best Beatle band in the world and they're Argentinos! (there are around 200 beatle bands)
I'm not a Beatle fanatic by any means but back in 2000 I grew a crush.
Nico and I were having dinner here in BA and the entertainment at the restaurant happened to be a beatle band; I remember that night well. A couple of weeks ago I saw an advertisement for The Beats, and hinted around to Nico hoping for another memorable night. Fortunately he got the hint and surprised me with tickets. It was a blast. My crush is growing for the beatles or the beats, not sure.

New York, New York this ones for you
mosaic in Central Park, Strawberry fields just blocks from where John Lennon was murdered. What would he think of the last 30 years?????

The Walrus/eggman song mystery tour through me for a loop. Interesting. Those of you livin it up in the 70's maybe know what I'm referring to.

One more favorite. It's so hard with the beatles because every song feels like a hit.

There was one song that I fell in love with that John Lennon wrote. I can't find it anywhere now and I didn't record it.
I think the name is "We are all Human, there's no one to blame" We are black, We are white, We are Gay, We are straight (fyi- Friday they past the law for gay marriage here in BA- first Latin country) back to song; We are tall, We are small etc. It goes on to say we didn't choose what class, country, family to be born into. We are all human, we are all the same, there is no one to blame. Anyone know it??

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shopping tour

supermercado de Chinos-


shopping tour 2 meet Leo from the Verduleria

Leo is just the sweetest guy, and just about 10 steps from our place. I was sad because the first time I went there to make a purchase, this lady who must have been his sister (cause she was a red head too), scolded me for touching the tomatoes. She informed me that I was not allowed to touch any of the food. What? I usually go through about 10 tomatoes before finding the right one and now I have to put all my trust in this lady. I was a little peturbed. I knew I would be visiting this verduleria a lot since it is so close, and me and this lady did not hit it off. Fortunately this lady friend of Leo's hasn't been back. So it's just me and Leo and Pili and we work great together. He's never showed a hint of frustration with me and Pili who always touches something, and usually walks out with a green bean. I've come to trust Leo and know he's giving me the best of what he's got.
I owe him a warm loaf of Katie's Banana Bread. I'm on it!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Shopping tour 3 -Fresh pasta

Mati on top of the Gnocchi machine

Another regular pit stop during the week is here at Pasta Artesanales. Oh there's nothing like fresh pasta, especially when you get to watch them pull the sheets of dough out and and cut your noodles right then and there! This place has fabulous crepes filled with chicken, red peppers,spinach and cheese in a white sauce, topped with a fresh tomate sauce. Similar to canelones but so much better. Fresh pasta/crepes delieverd at your door. It's like fast food in a way but it's homemade, fresh, and healthy. Good stuff.