Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 Tibetan Rites
 (I love the music set to the rites on this you tube video)

I'm so excited to add the 5 tibetan rites to my daily routine!! (Dr. Oz)
Think I'll even learn the Wit-chi tai toe chant :-)

supplements I take

 MSM, Hair, skin, and nail, Easy iron, and Vitamin D : For hair loss (recommended by a Trichologist)

 Vit B12: for vegetarians because it is found mostly in meat.

Lysine: Prevent canker and cold sores

Zinc:  mostly when I feel a cold coming on

Magnesium: for leg cramps and to help sleep

For the kids:
multi vitamin, omega 3, and probiotics

I try to add nutritional yeast and ground sprouted flaxseed to food and drink as much as possible.

I know some experts say that we should get all the nutrients we need from our food and supplements are a waste of money.  However, even though I am eating extremely healthy I'd still rather be safe than sorry and add a few supplements especially when they target specific areas that are troubling me.

Veg week 3 and 4

Week 3.
I've still been sick.   I can't seem to get over whatever it is I have.  I've had this cough now for a solid week and just week and loss of appetite.  However, I am still going strong.  I've been painting and  working out, and going to parties and what night.  At the end of the day though I just don't feel 100%  especially with this cough and sore throat.
I've still been super healthy.  I haven't had any desire to have any meat at all.  I bought some fresh yogurt at the Farmer's market which was a great treat!  I also bought feta cheese but haven't had any yet.
FARMER'S market was fabulous I will definitely start buying all my veggie's, meat, and cheese there.  The Bread was good too but I am going to start baking my own.
I've lost 9 pounds since I cut meat and dairy out of my diet.
This was not my idea.  I actually have been working all  year to put 10 pounds on and was finally able to do it.
I don't know whether to blame it on my new healthy diet or this plague that's been hanging over me the last 3 weeks.  I'm assuming both are contributing and I am hopeful as soon as I am feeling better to put back on some weight.  It will probably be hard to get back to 130.  I was 130 when I started now I am 121 which is the minimal weight for me before I am labeled "unhealthy" lol
So anyways there is week 3.
I'm still discovering lots of wonderful foods like Coconut oil/ spread and Amaranth! And health benefits of Magnesium and I'm looking forward to trying tart cherry juice!

Health Craze

I've decided to take few things out of our  daily diet and add a few things as well.

Here are some new staple items.  My doctor had me drinking ensure's and I love them but really don't think they are much more than sugary water and not really all that healthy and have no idea really why they are recommended by Doctors.

 Matias loves Chips so these are a new must have along with Veggie Stix and Pirates booty.
I love these for my avocado and bean dips, and salsa

QUINOA- really delicious and so complete just make sure you rinse well first and cook with Vegetable broth instead of water

Whole wheat pasta-  I have no idea why I haven't made this switch before now.  I love whole wheat pasta!!

the new bagel

Earth Balance buttery spread and Coconut spread and oil.

  delicious healthy cereal

Yerba Mate with honey and Lemon a must have every morning for me and kids.
I actually only use Lemon when we are feeling bad for an extra immune booster!

I prefer Soy milk still over almond and rice because of the protein, but I want a variety.  Hemp is pretty tasty as well and no you can't get high off of it!!

I always have ate last 3-4 different style and flavors of milk.  I like them all just depends on what I am eating.

I am trying to buy almost all produce, yogurt, milk, butter, bread, and meat at the farmer's market where I know it came from animals raised decently on a farm and not in some "animal factory" GROSS watch the documentary "FOOD INC" and I bet you'll be looking for farmer's markets as well, even farms that will mail or deliver your meat to your door!

WEGMAN'S OUR LOCAL GROCERY BUBBLY WATER-  a lot lighter than Perrier

Monday, October 22, 2012

Going Vegetarian?????

I'm not sure! But I have been following a vegetarian diet now for 2 weeks 100%, and a vegan diet probably about 75%.
I decided I should start recording my experience.  My blog is really the only journal I maintain these days so this is where I will be writing about it.  No need to read if you find my new health goals unentertaining.

- My motivation came from reading The Skinny Bitch two weeks ago.  However, I have been interested in health and nutrition for about 10 years now.  Several months ago I watched a documentary "forks over knives" and several years ago I read In defense of food both have also been very motivational in this conversion.  I hope to watch Food Inc and Fast food nation soon.

- switch from Dairy milk to Soy milk.  I thought this would be hard because I love cereal but I am still eating cereal and enjoying every bite .  I've tried almond, coconut, and rice milk and like all of them and use all of them depending on what I am eating.  I prefer the soy because of the Protein.
- added nuts to my diet.  I scoop out a 1/4 a cup of nuts every morning.  I have never counted calories, and often wondered how people do.  It seems very overwhelming and almost impossible.  I am now however counting protein which is much easier.  I aim for 50-80 grams a day. Depending on whether I am working out or not.
-Whole wheat pasta so delicious especially when you have a super yummy sauce to put on top.
- Smoothies adding Spinach and Silken tofu
-drinking a lot more water (mineral and flavored seltzer)

The first week I suffered from headaches almost everyday.  I suppose this was some type of withdrawal my body was having from all the dairy and sweets.
I noticed that I never felt full.  Satisfied but not full.  My stomach growls a lot.
(the only time I felt full was when I ate a veggie burger at the mall)

 The second week my headaches had subsided but I caught a little bug and was nauseous for a few days and didn't have much of an appetite so it's hard to count that week as real legit.

- I am very aware of everything I put in my mouth and what it is doing for my body

- I have experienced with a lot of new food
     Many soy products that I will post about later, also Quinoa, Ezequiel bread and cereal, etc.

- added vitamin B12  ( I already take MSM, IRON, HairSkinandNail all which were prescribed for my hair loss problem) I also take Vitamin D3. Since I left Florida 6 years ago I don't think my body is getting the sunlight it is used to getting)  I up the does during the winter months.

- I am more conscious now of other more holistic approaches to health
  ex: tea tree oil - for acne and cankor sores
        L-Lysine- cankor sores

- I regret giving my kids the Flu shot.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


We've been waiting  a long time for Pili to get to wear this special dress.  Mom made it for my sister Kayli when she was 4 and I actually had one too a pink one,  I was two, but we are not sure where it ended up.
These were our Easter dresses and we actually had a photo shoot done in them.
I can't believe I didn't get any of my mom's talent.  It's a real shame.
Mom you are an amazing woman!
(just had to give her a shot out, she deserves it)

Dusty (Porter's mom)

Para los que no sepan tan bien la cultura Inglesa.   Little Bo Peep es un cuento classico Britanic.   Trata de una nina que pierda sus ovejas.
Yo no se que significado tiene pero bueno ahora entienden porque yo soy una oveja, nico un Pastor, y Mati el lobo :)   Sta' bueno no??!! heheheh

Con Maria Belen, Sebastian, y Nico

The cupcakes were incredible.  The Young Women did an outstanding job!

 Me quede fascinada con las tortitas

con Ellie una amiguita

Pili fell asleep before the party.  She had the Flu shot Thursday, and ran a fever and Friday, and was not feeling so good today.  I doubt I'll be giving the flu shot anymore.  Going to look for a more holistic approach!

 I know he didn't say two words the whole night because he would not take those teeth out, except of course for a cupcake!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Easy halloween crafts

Pilar's first day of Preschool

Pili started a high-school run preschool.   She goes twice a week from 12:55-3:35 and we pay just $40 a month which also covers their snack!  You can beat that!  I was a little skeptical about the program but after the first day and what I saw ex: super healthy snack and great projects, I am very excited for this great opportunity to have High-school students at Broadrun teaching Pili!

 Porter is the little one I am taking care of Mon-Thurs 9-4

 two friends from church  Addie and Hudsyn
Pili was definitely nervous but she wasn't about to chicken out in front of her buddies

Sunday, October 7, 2012

ONE YEAR in Ashburn.. it's time to celebrate...

When we moved to Ashburn last October there was a carnival pretty much in our backyard.  It made the move even more exciting.  However, it was rainy and windy all weekend and the kids seemed so preoccupied with the new house that they really didn't even ask to go.
Well this year we definitely made it to the Village fest as a celebration of a FABULOUS first year here in Ashburn!!  We look forward to many more years as we feel confident we've found the place to settle in and call HOME!