Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Christmas tree this year

Since we are going to Florida this year we decided to skip out on the real tree this year and just the ornaments outside on our metal tree.  I'm totally diggin it!

Matias has wrapped atleast 5 presents for me this year!  He loves it and learned pretty fast and honestly his are about as good as mine ( that just tells you how bad I wrap) !

Mom brought all of Aunt Kay's collection of Gingerbread men to me at Thanksgiving.  I actaully asked for them to use for Mati's Winter party since I am in charge of the party and we are doing a gingerbread man theme.  I decided to go ahead and put them up until his party and I LOVE THEM so much that I've decided to start a collection!  So if you want to buy me something for Christmas you know what to get me!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Sleigh" ride with Santa and the "reindeer"

Mati and Pili's special visit with Santa 2012

Our local plaza hosted Santa carriage rides pulled by two beautiful clydesdale horses.   It was a very special experience for us and we still can't believe it was free and there were no lines!!
The whole plaza contributed so we served Papa Johns Pizza for lunch and Dunkin doughnuts for dessert and the kids went home with all kind of goodies which were donated from all the stores such as Hallmark, the spa, the dentist, etc.  It was REALLY GREAT!   It was the first time the plaza has ever hosted an event like this and we are sure hoping that next year they do it again!!!

Santa was laughing at Mati's Christmas list because he had written...  
1 star = I want
2 star = I really want
3 star= I really really want

Carriage ride with Santa

funny Matias gets a little nervous trying to explain to Santa that he no longer needs the Wii games, since he was with us at Wal-Mart Black Friday and saw us buying wii games.  so cute!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year!
It went something like this...
Woke up:  I cleaned bathrooms and Nico Floors.  House clean feeling a lot better already!
Gave myself a little facial
(skinceuticals microbead scrub, tea tree oil steam, and skinceuticals mask)
Went for a jog around the lake
Showered and went to Wegmans to get everything to make pies
Made pies 
Went to Visit with Stephanie
Then headed to Dusty's for a super wonderful absolutely delicious Thanksgiving Dinner
Pili had a sleep over with Addie and me Nico and Mati did some Black Friday shopping at Wal-mart and Target!

Morgan's Turkey cake!

Amanda and Jade

My contribution to TG dinner
Green bean casserole, blueberry and strawberry pie, banana bread, Cranberry cinnamon goat cheese crackers, manchego, and prosciutto.  Grapes and colby jack!

Dusty and Jamie- I love these girls!!!!

Playing "The game of THINGS"  so much fun!!

a few of our yummy dishes

My favorite was the Brussel sprouts with Pine nuts

Monday, November 19, 2012

Indian AND Thai for dinner!

I asked Dad if he was up for trying something new for Dinner and he said YES so we decided to try some Indian and Thai!

Daddy said this wrap looked like dirty underwear! lol  His conculsion is that Popeyes would have been more favorable !!

Pad Thai with Tofu (Delicious!)

Green Chicken Curry (not so good)

Dalmakhani curry lentils (Daddy loved these)  I LOVED THE DOSA with potatoes which is the yellow looking one

Fish Tikkamasala (Nico loved this one)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great Country Farms

I convinced George to stay one more day with the kids to go visit the coolest farm ever!  However, it was closed so we opted for another farm that I had heard was great and it definitely was!! 
We had a blast!