Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snowshoe- mati y pili first time on kiddie lift

Manzanita doesn't fall far from the tree!

Pilar bungee blooper




 El camino

First day was pretty rough it was below 0 degrees the entire day and super windy.  We lasted all of 45 minutes.  The kids finished in tears and we spent the rest of the day at the BIG TOP play area doing a lot of jumping :-)

The Magic carpet (belt)

Notice Nico is the ONLY one with his thumb up!! lol

 Being silly

at the BIG TOP free for those lodging at Snowshoe, a kids haven
Bring it on!  Nothing can be worse than my first experience on skis!

Our favorite Bulgarian meatball soup for dinner

Getting ready to watch GREASE


Today was A LOT better!  The weather was perfect and we hit the kiddie lift and one Green with the kids.  They did great.  Me and Matias fell once and had a hard time getting our ski's back on but survived.
I hit several greens one blue with Zaharina and Andrean and it was Fabulous!!  
It has been 11 years since I skied and 14 since I'd been to Snowshoe.  I have wonderful memories here thanks to my parents who brought us skiing as often as they could.

I almost lost Pili once getting on the lift.  I'm surprised she didn't asked me what SHIT means. lol

Matias picks up everything so fast he nearly beat me!
 Pili made friends with the  employees especially Tyler and he hooked up with a lot of good stuff even though she only managed to win all of 6 tickets!

Nicole, Andrean, and Zaharina
We shared the townhouse with them and they made great roommates :)

Believe it or not the GIRLS beat the BOYS fair and square!!!!

Out cold after attempting to watch Annie

Exploring around the townhouse before saying goodbye.  The kids came up with a plan to earn $1,000 teaching ski lessons to little kids so that we could stay there longer! so funny.


Obsessed with those trees

 Breathtaking..... no not the trees my HUBBY :-)

 love those little red cheeks

We almost got stuck once but "SNOWFLAKE" was good to us

Pili didn't last long today.  It was snowing pretty heavy and windy.  Matias didn't want to stop though.

Trip home started off a little sketchy.
It's a 2.5 hour drive in the mountains and it was snowing.

We had to stop for Matias he gets so nauseous.
 On the way up I wanted to take pictures at this booth so I took advantage of this opportunity.

Finally fell asleep.  He would have been a lot better off sleeping through the curvy mountain roads.

She's fakin it just wanted me to take a picture of her.  She actually did sleep through the worst part
 Home just in time for the Super Bowl.  He is glued and hasn't gotten but to go to the bathroom or throw the football around the room!
He said singing "Those Raisins are on fire"  Mami correction "RAVVVENS"
He's truly lovely- especially with those sideburns !!!