Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas at home

We celebrated Christmas Saturday morning ( a day early) I mean it's not  like the kids had any idea or anything.   It was perfect cause by noon they were ready and packed for Florida so we took off.   This year I really couldn't tell what they were counting down for Santa's arrival or going to Florida.  Traveling on Christmas Eve and part of Christmas day was actually pretty adventurous.  We stopped in Florence, South Carolina for the night and ate at IHOP where the waitresses had much more of a southern accent than I ever dreamed of having!!!  FOR REAL!  We stayed at a nice little Hotel for free since Nico has accumulated enough points already with the Marriott through his travels.  The Hotel was of course so cool for the kids.  We made it to moms by 1:00 on Sunday and had lunch and then CHRISTMAS DINNER with all the family, which was dreamy.  We felt like Christmas lasted 4 days instead of 2 and we loved it and plan on celebrating Christmas like this for many years to come.

Christmas in Florida

 A LOT OF........ ING's




 Close your eyes Papa here comes your Christmas present from all the kids

 time to get some squirrels

Pili feeding dad chocolate cake
Mom and Claire Karaoke

Pancakes and sausage