Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FOX 5 love being on TV !

Nova Capoeira with Fox 5

Matias losing his first tooth 2-23-2013

While Playing at Nicole's house one Saturday night.  I had to rush over there before going to watch the UFC fight with Nico and Bohasha!
I'm glad Andrean and Matias were able to handle that tooth and that the tooth fairy found Matias at Nicole's house :)

Capoeira expo at Mall

We had a successful weekend at the Summer Camp expo at Dulles Town Center
advertising for our up-coming Capoeira school!

 Our booth
 Mati with $20 because the tooth fairy had come for a visit the night before

They tied string to that turtle and aggravating  shoppers.  They had been working to hard and need some time to play!  I hope we didn't lose any clients because of it !! lol

 Bohasha and this creature.. Don't you see the resemblance?



First time I've had to shovel a driveway.  I enjoyed it!  Once a year kind of thing is good :)

Mrs. Wrights B-day

Forgot to take pic of cake before cutting it and good thing Matias went to school late or I would have never know it was Mrs. Wright's birthday.
I kind of had to sneak the cake back and it was so worth it!
Hate that schools are so strict these days!


With Jade

 Sister Webster is SOOO Amazing with the kids during singing time

Mr. Speedy

Matias had a great first season playing Basketball for Dulles youth.  He absolutely LOVES basketball and he shined on the court!