Monday, August 5, 2013

Mati's 7th Birthday Party

With Bobby G. Pets

setting up


Party favors



Lu taking a peek on his best behavior

These guys are from Argentina :)

We were so happy to have cousin Lucas all the way from Utah with us for Mati's party.

If I was a cooler mom I'd buy a snake like this for Matias.

Pili was very leery in the beginning but ended up touching a few of the reptiles even one of the snakes.
Braver than her mom!

Here comes the best part of the party...... taking on the PYTHON!

45 pounder coming up

Matias I love you so much. You are one BRAVE boy!  I know you enjoyed your birthday cause you asked me that night if Bobby G.  could come back the next day.
Maybe one day Mati D. will have his own snakes :)   If you want to keep your mommy away that would do the trick.

Mati exhausted after handling that python

Mati's favorite little pet

The big present this year

July 4th

Party at the Pavilion

 Yard sale