Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tennessee- visit with Lauren

It's been a while since I've seen my oldest sister Lauren and her boys so we decided to cross through the smokey mountains after our house hunt to head to Kingston, TN.
Drive though the mountains at night was not pleasant but totally worth it.  We are having a blast here.

La barra brava

Saturday soccer with Brendan and friends
We stayed an extra day since Brendan had organized a soccer game to play with Nico

Charlotte, NC---- HERE WE COME

It looks like our next destination will be North Carolina.   We are very excited.  We found a home that we love in a great area of South Charlotte.  Nico hasn't finalized things with PWC but we are hoping that everything works out and soon we will be settled in the Southeast!

(el camino)

Wal-mart got to keep the kids happy, we have a  lot of houses still to see

Hope this is our future home