Sunday, August 19, 2012

New York, New York

It always brings back sweet memories for us!!

Toy's R' Us always our first stop since it's right in front of the hotel and of course Mati's favorite place in the whole world
 Pili transformed into daddy's little princess after a visit to the Disney Store.

Subway station- Rock on Ebony Hillbilles

Had to borrow Katie's stroller this time.

Visiting our ex neighbors

Our old apartment building 165 W 66th Street 16L

Sheep's Meadow
 Carousel in Central Park

Hecksher Park in CP

Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty

Sushi bar

They tricked Matias into choosing a "Shiny" silver quarter over a "dirty" paper dollar
I can't believe he fell for it knowing how much he obsesses with money.
They ended up giving him both, and then thankfully the 13 year old flipped right over him with no problems.

Columbus circle- time warner center
Botero sculpture very funny to the kids

 Landmarc- has to be the most kid friendly restaurant with free cotton candy for dessert

 Pili kicked Matias out after about 15 minutes and then took a 3 hour nap.  Bugaboo most comfortable stroller ever!

 Snoop Dogg walking out of our hotel

New York is so exhausting!  It was easier living there for 3 years than taking a 3 day vacation there!!

Central Park breakdancers

Mat's first flag football game

Running the ball

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hershey Park

So for the last 6 months all Matias wanted for his birthday was to go to Hershey Park with his abuelos.
So up until a week before his birthday that's all we were planning to do.  Then he told me that going to Hershey rated a 10 and having a party with his friends rated a 9.  So we decided to throw a party to celebrate with his friends; I'm a sucker.  Of course when I asked him which he enjoyed more Hershey Park still was rated the highest.
Matias doesn't like to do anything at Hershey except play the carnival games that are ridiculously hard to win and pretty dang addicting and needless to say expensive.   Something parents hate to spend money on for their kids but Grandparents just love.   Thanks to los abuelos and Mati having saved up quite a bit of money I let him gamble away and he didn't do to bad.
He has quite the collection as you will see he slept with almost all of them in the hotel.

 I decided I'm not going back to a roller coaster park until Pili can ride at least one coaster.   She wanted to so bad but she still isn't even tall enough to ride the big  ship.  We practiced standing on our tip-toes and everything.  There were still a few good rides that gave her a thrill thank goodness cause the tea cups and carousel just don't do it for her anymore!!
 I started to feel like we were in Vegas!  This game was our favorite and after about 5 buckets la Tia finally got a frog in the lilly pad :)  I was jumping and screaming you would have thought we won the lottery and all we won was a little round stuffed frog worth about 3 bucks maybe! haha

Piñata entre familia

Since we couldn't bring a Piñata into Pump it up I decided we would just have to do one amongst ourselves!!
If there's a party Matias always ask if there is going to be a piñata so I thought I better have one on hand!

Friday, August 10, 2012

cumple mati continued 8-10

una con Papa que llego del trabajo tarde pero tomo el viernes para llevarnos a Hershey Park