Friday, April 30, 2010

Chi-cas! Chi-cas! Chi-cas!

Chicken Fight out of water!
Mabel was trying to take a picture but ended up filming- so glad she captured this moment of growth in Pili's vocabuarly.
For those of you who failed SPN 101 Chicas means Girls! (and in this case girls rule, boys drool)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Traffic Jam

So Flor and I decided to take the kids to the Buenos Aires Univeristy of Agriculture to see the school farm. Mode of transportation : the bus. Not a problem, the kids will surely enjoy a bus ride. So we're cruising along when we hit the first large intersection with a total of 10 lanes and guess what? The Red light is not working. Again not a problem, we'll just wait our turn. We'll make it across in no time. Until all of the sudden these CRAZY ARGENTINEAN DRIVERS decided to proceed all at once and it was one HUGE TRAFFIC JAM! No one was going anywhere!!!!!!! Well except for the mopeds and cyclist who scurried through. I began to panic and Pili became restless. The bus driver began to curse at people through the window. I didn't see anyway out but to get off the bus. We didn't though and finally (say 15 minutes) the bus and other cars began to reverse a bit and little by little cars got by and the BIG bus too. It was serisouly a sight to see and I can't believe I didn't pull out my camara, but in the moment I was really afraid for my life!!

Oh and the Farm nothing but mud, mosquitos, horses, ducks, and a group of unconstrained chickens (again I was afraid for my life). Not the best day.

Especially for Cami - We miss you!!

We heard Cami was very fond of our "moving pictures" So we decided to make one for her, and Matias wanted to dance as always, MURGA. What in the heck is Murga right??? Check it out....
Next year he'll actually have Murga in school as an extra curricular activity. He's going to love it. For now he only has Nico's famous moves to go by and we did get lucky to see a group in the plaza one day.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fruits/Vegetables anyone???

Red pepper- kilo 10 pesos, Grapes- kilo 8 pesos,
Two adorable Bolivian kids- Priceless

My 2 precious gems

And no I am not talking about my kids. These are my two new babies. My birthday money went to getting these necklaces and I adore them! They are healing gemstones (however bore the opposite affect on Matias and Pilar).

Dana Weiss was one of my neighbors in New York who introduced me to her line of metaphysical gemstone necklaces and it wasn't until I was here in Buenos Aires that I realized I didn't think I could live without having one (or two) Dana gave me the ultimate hook up so I went for it and when I'm wearing them I'm unstoppable!! Haha, no but I really do love them!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Regis and Kelly THE Go Go girl!!

My present to all of my family and friends who have waited patiently to see me shaking my a** on national TV and who I trust will still love me after watching. Thanks for the birthday wishes, my goal at age 29...... Argentine Television! (HAha -I'm afraid I'd have to be half naked to even have a chance here to get on TV)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter eggs and kisses

I was thankful that Nico went to Fl in March so that he could bring me back easter candy. I've never craved a hershey kiss (Mati insist they are little mountains) so bad in my life. The egg hunt is not an argentine tradition so it was extra special this year dying eggs. The family found it quite the spectacle. From Egg painting to face painting, Tia Flor (who is a make-up artist) turned Mati into Echo Echo (Ben 10)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Parking our new Mercedes Benz...

......Did I say Mercedes Benz???? Sorry, I meant to say Chevrolet Corsa!
It's nice to have a car again, even though it's not the convertible BMW. I still mostly walk or take the bus during the week because Nico has the car. I am happy walking. I still prefer the city life and luckily have everything I'd ever need within blocks. Pili makes good company. Mati on the otherhand has realized that he'd rather go in the car than to walk anywhere. I figure I have just a few more years until I'll probably be ready for a car because both my kids will be more content to take a ride more than a walk. In the meantime I do most of my walking and shopping in the morning while Matias is at school and in the afternoon our walks are just around the block which believe it or not seems to be the kids favorite part of the day. They typically are looking for dog walkers, chatting with kids on their way home from school, jumping over dog poop, or just playing in the entrance to the apartment building watching bypassers, and me..... daydreaming of my Benz!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

eggs, layers, and the 80's!!

I've had a hard time buying eggs off the shelf in the supermarket. Aren't they suppose to be kept chill?

Everyone loves layers in the winter but in 90 degree weather? Only Pili. Of course another reason we love her so much. Day 2 that she insist on adding Micky and Dora to her attire, and the shrugging of the shoulders a new twitch ( almost like she's dancing as she walks around)

AND Mati living in the 80's!!! Wouldn't he fit in well? This picture Cracks me up!!

I asked him what was his favorite thing about school yesterday and he said "When you came to pick me up." Aweeee