Wednesday, May 26, 2010

to finish off the long weekend.....

Mati wins the sortija Nacho libre wedgie

I wait for the carousel to stop take a snapshot

Ke-Kee: 10th picture. I'm tired of posing. Come on nico get it right already, or just wait til we stop

..... we headed to the plaza. I really wanted to go back downtown but nico, who tends to want to stick around the house, was not up for it. I was let down, but picked back up after a fun filled night.
top 5 reasons I love our carousel
5- It's slow
4- I hop on and off
3- or just plop a squat
2- Adults don't pay
1- LA SORTIJA = A free ride

La sortija is the metal key that Matias has in his hand. The owner of the carousel stands in one spot near the carousel as it goes around and offers out sortijas to the kids, IF they're quick enough to grab it.(owner totally dictates who gets it) and of course Mati always does cause he knows that means I'll have to pay for another ride for Pili. What can I do? The kids live to get the sortija, which is adapted from a sport the guachos play: "Race of the ring" shows horsemanship as the guachos race their horses with a spear towards a suspended ring about the size of a wedding band and try to hook it on.)

Long awaited LOCRO

I thought May 25th would never get here, and not because I was ready for a super long weekend. I was getting desperate for LOCRO (national dish of Argentina) and it cease to exist until this national holiday which represents the kick off towards Argentine's independence. We had Locro on Mabel's birthday and then the next day I went to Leandro's deli for lunch to get more (Leandro has a post dedicated to him coming soon). I would have eaten it again today, day 3, but I had upset stomach (possibly due to excessive amounts of locro) so I went with rice instead. Locro is a stew made of boiled hominy as the base and then added to that are many types of pork; bacon, chorizo sausage, pork shoulder. In Leandro's Locro he even added chuck roast and chunks of chicken breast. Oh it was so good. I've never attempted to make it. Anyone up for the challenge in the US? You've got time to prep, this dish is best in the winter.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stage fright? Hardly.

Matias asked me the day prior to celebrating Mabel's birthay how to say abuela in English. I told him grandma. Little did I know what he had up his sleeve.

Matias has realized that speaking English is a commodity and gets him a lot of attention. He asked me today if I would sing to him in English on his birthday. I doubt I'll get a standing ovation.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


May 25 will be 200 years since the revolution of Argentina which led to it's actual independence on July 9th (1816) Here it's almost like they have two 4th of July's.
We decided to take part in some of the festivites and headed downtown to the Obelisk where several parades were going on. (these oxen were MASSIVE - and one brave Guacho =cowboy mounted right on top)

The obelisk stands in the center of Avenue 9 de julio. The largest avenue in the world, consisting of 6 lanes in each direction. (I was thankful for the subway today)

Prior we had lunch at Natalia's (nico's cousin) and her and Alma accompanied us downtown. Diego had a rehearsal.

Diego (Naty's husband) plays the saxo for a living. He was giving Mati a few pointers.

Pili adores Alma who will be 2 next month. I think Alma adores Pili but it's hard to tell because she is the quietest soul (soul=alma in spanish) I've ever met. Talks perfectly though. Pili was the whole day, every 5 minutes, "where's Alma? there she is." And insisted they hold hands in the street. I realized Pili needs more girlfriends.

for the record

Pili is not potty trained just LOVES her bambachas (panties)
aca esta la bambacha = here are my panties

Friday, May 21, 2010

gnocchi's not a hit this time

Salir- leave/get out
So as you can all tell, I've got to work on Pili's English. She says easy Mati, please, uh oh, and that's about it. I've decided when she masters spanish (which is going to be very soon it looks like) I am going to start speaking to her some in English. She is one drama queen.

Getting to know you..... Ode to PILAR ADRIANA

Getting to know all about you,
Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me.
Getting to know you,
putting it my way, but nicely,
you are precisely, my cup of tea.

Haven't you noticed suddenly I'm bright and breezy, because of all the beautiful and new things I'm learning about you day by day!!

(by Oscar Hammerstein)The King and I
wish I was brilliant enough to put the actual music

Ode to Pili continues

Pili loves to tell on Mati and will instigate a "fight" just tell me he hurt her. Ojo= You better watch it


She is obsessed with Hi-5 ask to watch it about fifty times a day. Good news this week she decided to explore the DVD's a little more and gave Barney and Elmo a chance.

Mati's home!

Ode to Pili -18 months today

Thursday, May 20, 2010

speaking of the little "devils"

My two favorite neighbors went to the mall today and they brought back something for the kids. See what I mean? They are so dang thoughtful, polite, sweet, and fun. It's just ridiculous. I'm going to need some major cheering up when they move.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My most adorable little neighbors

There are six apartments that represent our building. Bias by no means, but the first floor has it goin on!! And the rest let's just say very little personality exist on those.
We are in 1B and then there are my divine neighbors in 1A of whom I feel inlcined to talk about.
Candela is 10 and Ayelyn 14 and I am smitten with these two lovley beings. Their parents are great people as well but they both work and I don't see them as much. The girls stay with Kristina the housekeeper during the day.
I noticed when we first moved in that Candela was keeping tabs on me. She knew when I was home and when I was gone and was always questioning my where abouts. I found her cute and she made me think a lot of my niece Evie. I found comfort that someone was looking out for me. After two months and getting past the getting to know you stage and of course me borrowing milk and oil and phone and keys (to main entry) we have made a special bond. The girls come over and offer to play with the kids or invite us over to their place to play with their labrador and poodle and Candela's old-school toys. She actually has this one babydoll back pack (in pics) that I can't get over. Merendamos together (merendar-to have an afternoon snack) Here it is very common and there is actually a verb for it since Argenineans don't eat until 9 or later the merienda is very important and usaully takes place around 5 o'clock. The girls are fabulous hostesses. They set the table, serve chocolate milk, and I usually provide the pastries. Candela makes sure she ask me if I want more milk than chocolate or vice versa. We chat and they (especially Candela) are very interested in the culture of the US. She actually refers to the US as Disney. "In Disney the people are obese, why?" or "In Disney they eat hamburgers for breakfast" or "In Disney they eat a lot of fast food" Our conversations are usually pretty interesting. There is some bad news to this post though...... they are leaving the end of August. This apartment was just a pit stop before the big move. Their "real" apartment is under construction. They won't be going far, about 6 blocks so hopefully we can still merendar together but I won't have Candela watching my back anymore and that makes me sad :(
Aye brought these balloons to the kids after her bday party

easy going, compliant, flexible, cheerful, relaxed

These adjectives DO NOT describe my Pili.
I hired help twice a week in the mornings 8:30-11. Today is day 2 and I'm looking forward to many more peaceful mornings to myself!!
Pili and Lucia hit it off. Love at first sight! Yippie aye!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ben Ten or Ben Diez or Ben Zheng??

Americano and Argentino
Both made in China. Whats up with that?
Come on Chinitos! Do Americans pay you that much more? This Ben 10 fell apart the first day!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

aerial view of BA.......

..... from la casa de Rafael and Edda (Nico's grandparents)

La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias (still a toungue twister for me)

Many of you have inquired about church so here I go......
We became some what inactive January and February and in March we decided it was time to get our act together. The first few Sundays I contemplated going back to my inactive state. However, after a bit of contemplation (just a bit) I decided I must press forward. Now it is mid May and I can honestly say that I LOVE our ward. I couldn't wait to get out the door today and we actually arrived on time. I've put most of the families together at this point and know a lot of people by name. I adore our Bishop. He is our age and has two kids Luna 2 and Ramiro 4. His wife Analia I adore as well. My visiting teacher is a hot blonde Gisella with three hilarious boys 7,8 and 10.
We've made buddies with Diana 10 and Damian 7 who seek us out every Sunday and sit with us in Sacrament and keep the kids entertained. Primary is pretty small. I think they average about 15 kids from what I can tell and nursery 3 that's including Pili. I've been hanging out with the kids in primary and nursery most of the time. Neither of them have fully adapted yet.
I haven't recieved a calling yet but Bishop Carizzo informed me today that he knows where he wants me. Stay tuned. Nico is first counselor in the Young Mens and at this very moment he is watching the DVD "A Brand new year 2010 for the strength of youth" from the first presideny and we spotted in the video two gals from our ward in NY. Rachel Draper playing the violin in Central Park and Noel Houston singing the theme song Be Strong!!! Made our night a little more exciting. NYC friends please let them know we miss them and are so proud of them. As of today I finally feel that our ward is starting to feel like family and that I need them. It is hard being here and not having our extended family taking part in our church activities. Matias ask every Sunday why los abuelos aren't coming to church with us. I will be speaking in church in June and we're hoping to get all the Delellis family to come and give me some extra support. I confirm the saints in Buenos Aires are strong in the faith and pushing forward.
Missionaries came over for dinner tonight. One from Salt-lake and the other from Chile. Cool guys!
Have I left anything out? I'm sure I'll be posting more about church in the near future.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Faces or ????

You would rather see their faces together rather than their buttoxes, correct?


I love this picture and it made me realize that I don't take near enough pictures of the two of them together. I'm going to work on it!

Thomas and the Ultimate Railroad

Thomas the Train is one of Nico's many obsessions. He started collecting the train sets for Mati when he was two or so and this is where we are now. It's pretty amazazing to me b/c I can't even put together the figure 8 set without getting frustrated and the two of them can put this layout together with in minutes. I love it, but I had to put a ban on Thomas. I realized that Nico had to be stopped, he can be so childlike sometimes!! So today we had some of Mati's friends from school come over to play with Thomas and the RR. Delfina, Milena, Santiago, and Facundo. They had a blast. Matias is choosing his friends well so far. Milena won my heart when she came out of the bedroom shouting "Mama de Matias Delellis, the boys made a disaster." I am so mad that I forgot to take pictures. I even sat my camera out and all. I guess I got a little carried away roasting marshmellows over teh stovetop for the moms. They were a hit and so were the Chocolate chip cookies. Both foods cease to exist here.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Michael Jackson Impersonation

Meet Ticiano. He is the grandchild of Mabel's neighbor and Mati's newest Pal. We love this kid. He cracks us up. First time he was over for dinner he asked me if Michael Jordan was Black. I was astonished by the question, I mean a 4 year old Argentinean who knows MJ and is also concerned about his race.

Come to find out he has an obsession with Michael JACKSON hence a confusion with Black and White!!!!! hhahaha Check out his impersonation and keep in mind this is without music or his black coat and hat.
ps: any opinions about the hair-cut? A very popular cut here! Matias always ends up with something similar b/c it seems that's about all they know to do. We're working on it, I'm about ready for Matias to go Military!!! The other day he said he wanted a hair-cut like abuelos. I said "how would that be?" his response was "Short and Curly" A perm maybe???? Short I could deal with.

Anywayssss Check out little Michael wannabe >>>>>

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Making rounds this weekend collecting missils from our neighbors backyards since we've started to run low. I think I'll be needing a refill pack soon (mom if you're reading!!) J/K

Wasn't expecting Pili to fall to the floor in laughter when I pulled this out of the closet for Matias

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Third world country luxuries

Gasoline service.

Doctor visits in home.

I especially love hosting the Doc. I mean come on it doesn't get any better. No hauling the kids out sick, or painfully long waits in the doctor's office, or outings in potential life-threatening weather ( I have terrible memories of NYC doctor visits in March)

The drawback I suppose is that these are random doctors not our actual pediatrician, but for minor aches and pains and a routine prescription, I'll take any doc willing to come to us!! We've had 4 in our home already.

Monday, May 3, 2010

school days

Today all the parents met with Gisella (Mati's teacher) to get a brief recap of the last 2 months and we recieved a synopsis of our child's progress. I wasn't able to take it home but I jotted down a few things. Nothing came to surprise. Mati is organized. He is an observor. He is sweet and likes to share his experiences with his teacher. He has respect for the routines of school. He is conservative. He shares very well and hence finds it very difficult to understand his classmates actions at times. He is sensitive. He shows support to the group. He likes cars, balls, cooking, and painting.