Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clean sheets

In my attempt for clean bed sheets the kids discovered a good hide-out.  I was fortunate that I did NOT have to wash the sheet again.

Street clean up

Doing our part to clean up the streets in Buenos Aires.  The worst is when the garbage-men go on strike!
We tend to hang outside our building on the stairs quite frequently.  We like to observe passer byers,  eat fruit, read books, run down the ramp, etc.

                            (back in april)

One of our neighbors who is in his 70's and spends hours  sweeping up the leaves came over and gave Pili and Mati a few lessons as they tried to clean up all their peanut hulls

My turn

Since it was our 3rd go round the Doc decided to hook us up with the largest suite on the floor.
To bad I didn't have any visitors.  My surgery was at 9pm and I checked out the next morning at 10am.  It was a quick stay.

I get surgery and the kids get Tom and Jerry Live on Stage- yeah whatever

Abuelo you couln't find a better backdrop?

Cumple Abi 56

She is always ready to pose for the camera

 Mabel the birthday girl

Pili and her cousin Alma.
1 am and the girls are fueling up.......

 ....while the boys are completely out


So if the kids start thinking they need a little baby sibling I know just what to do.
I borrow Joaquin just about every Tuesday and Friday for a few hours in the morning while his mom cleans our apartment building.  It is just enough!