Monday, October 31, 2011


It snowed todo el dia el sabado
I took more pics but can't find them!
We loved it and we also Loved Puss in BOOTS

Halloween fiesta en la escuela

 Abi as Bethany Hamilton prior shark attack

Lia- Mosiah's lil sis
 modern vs old school

Trick or Treat

So a guy asked the kids tonight what if I said Trick what would you do?  I responded  quickly "We'd pull down  your underwear!" and the kids got their treats!!! hahaha
You guys do know Trick or treat smell my feet rhyme right????

One of Matias's classmates Mosiah (yeah you guessed it he is a member) came around our neighborhood looking for us and thankfully they found us because the boys had a blast! We were also with cookie monster Morgan and Scotty the Skeleton, two of  our favorite neighbors.   This was Matias's first year really experiencing Trick or Treating and it was AWESOME.  I loved seeing him RUN from house to house and I got a few kicks out of him tripping as well.  Captain America fell a lot too hahahah but they kept us moving.

One couple made me sing a Mariachi song for them.  How embarrassing but I did sing AY AY AYYY AY Canta y no llores porque cantando se alegra cielito lindo los corazones.  It was bad, afterwords me and Moroni (Mosiah's dad) who is Brasilian seriously started busting out laughing so bad like I think we were both in tears laughing so hard.  Oh man I think I really did embarrass myself tonight LOL  It's all goood though :)


Meet Roger he lives in front of us looks pretty scarey but he is the nicest guy

And that's Frank he is Morgan and Scotty's dad they live two houses down and their nanny is in our ward.  We love her!! We love them too!  And Lu loves their dog Rocko!

this must have been Roger's son I haven't met him yet. He had he kids pretty scared and he had to be freezing laid out all night like that on the concrete

no one had treats for Lu whats up with that??? JK

These folks had a fire pit set up to keep warm we were tempted to just stay and hang out with them

Running to the next house

A break waiting for rest of crew to catch up

Mosiah and his family unfortunately are moving to Brasil in March :(

I almost forgot I had bought this for Lu.  Nico came home from work and said where's Lu outfit OH YEAH!!
I had to buy this cosutme for him mostly because my dad always called him Bad Dog 
they didn't have the best relationship

Saturday, October 29, 2011

halloween kick off

My mom made this costume for my sister Kayli who is two years older than me.  I was so excited to get my hands on it this year for Pili.  However, Pili didn't seem to think it was too cute


A little forced but hey we're still smiling

Did frutillita have a dog?  If she didn't she totally should have!!  Lu didn't know what to think of Pili he was barking at her and going crazy, it was cute.

I did have a back up plan, something a little more frilly for my little princess.......

and she did make a beautiful butterfly though we are going to try for Strawberry shortcake again on Monday.

Matias IS NOT BATMAN he is A BAT he just wanted me to clear that up for everyone!
This was a party at Nico's office at PWC

How many times did I make Nico tell people I was an ANGEL????  A lot!!  I'll probably never get the chance again to hear those words come out of his mouth!! haha

I had to check Matias out of school to make it to Nico's office on time and The Pavilion afterschool program had decorated their bus LOVEN IT!
Pili not so much

Hilarious check this.  I went to Target especially to get some paint for Mati's hair. I had him pose and I sprayed away BUT IT WASN"T PAINT THAT SPRAYED OUT IT WAS THAT STRINGY STUFF!!!
jajajaja What a mess!
 pictures are a bit out of order
my bad

Nico wasn't crazy about the outfit I brought for him and he took it off right after the picture
 I guess he needs to remain "cool" for his colleagues


 Super Party

- miembros del barrio decoran sus autos y los chicos buscan caramelos de cada baul.

we made a quick pit stop home to paint Matias's face since the mask was bothering him. I decided to stand the hair up a bit more as well and he was in tears he said everyone was going to laugh at him.  I made him tough it up and he got so much attention at the party cause Everyone LOVED his hair!!!

Abby one of Mati's classmates also in the ward, this little one is so fun probably the fact she has two older siblings helps.  Mati has been saying she was his best friend from the first day of school.  They sit at the same table together and I didn't know it at the time but on Day 1 of kinder she was the one who called him over to the table to sit by her!  She reminds me of Cami too Mati's BFF in NY :)  (not that she's taking Cami's placethough no way no how!)

There's my little Mariposa - dicen que manana va a nevar (expecting flurries)


 whoops just realized I put his wings on backwards

 I got a kick out of this game. Looks like we've got some positive Young Men in the ward who didn't mind getting head bopped a few times.  The deacons also set up a Haunted House which was great though Pili cried and I yelled "COMING THROUGH WITH A BABY DON"T SCARE US!"  Haha I think I ruined for the other family that was with us SORRY!!!!

More still to come on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait!