Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 7

After school play with Michael one of our neighbors whose parents are from Peru.  He is 11 but him and Mati seemed to have been able to find some common interests as they explored the drain  and other things around the cul-de-sac.  (Pili bringing them a snack)

Petsmart cat adoption center
 Mate cocido

Ballet again I just love it!
Pili flu shot.  I love our new pediatrician she is WONDERFUL for example on Mati's first visit she chatted with him about helping mom pick up clothes and toys and helping with jobs around the house AND the importance of wearing a seat belt.  She really reinforced everything we've been talking about with the kids since we moved into our new home.  I love love love her.  The ladies in the office have been just as amazing with us.  I also really like how the office is divided into sick patients and........

 She is a champ though I remember just 1.5 years ago when she would kick and scream at the sight of a stethascope

Lu goes EVERYWHERE with us!  If we are running errands he is snoozing in the car.  In the SUV we can't see him but with the car we had plain site of his nap time and all fours up in the air; got a kick out of it.  We kind of woke him before getting the picture.
 He is still such an amazing pup I can hardly believe how we lucked up to get him

Nico brought home a Sofa/bed for the playroom so I served up some Mate Cocido while we worked on putting it together.
Mate cocido is an herbal tea found in South America specifically Argentina.  We love it!  It's a lot better than drinking the herbs out of the gourd with the bombilla (straw)
I do half milk and add Pumpkin pie spice (or cinnamon) it is delicious.   To imitate I would try a classic herbal tea mix with milk, a bit of sugar and spice, and it may be just as good.  It is a must have for my kids just about every morning and it's nice for a late night snack as well

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