Thursday, September 30, 2010

thoughts turned to poesia

Strange that as I layed in bed yesterday I had a strong desire to turn my thoughts into a poem. I suppose its because I am currently helping Cesar with his poetry unit. So I got up and wrote this, hoping it makes sense to you readers.

Love has limits.
I beg to differ.
How can one limit the heart’s desire?
How do you control the pounding?
How do you ignore the feeling; the anxiety?
How do you teach someone to limit their love?
Is it a weakness we all share?
An emotion needed above others, yet must be limited.
I was told I have no limits.
I ask,
How do I limit my love?

Saturday, September 25, 2010


In 2 weeks they will hopefully go from this....

To this

We still need 3 families to commit to help us with this extreme make-over that I have mentioned in prior post and that you have most likely recieved an email from me about. We also need 500 dollars for beds. If you have any spare change please think of this family. I am positive that if you met them you wouldn't think twice about helping them. Please do not hesitate to donate because you think it is too little; remember that whatever amount in dollars you put is quadrupled in pesos. 50 dollars could buy the kids bunk beds! Por favor. Te necesitamos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paris Hiltons pink Bentley.....

...ain't got nothin on me and my pink Caddy!

and if she has something to say about it, tell her to bring it on. I'll be waitin on my throne, and not to worry she'll have a place to secure her 5 inch stilettos!

Nico fugiwara exhibitions

This exhibition took place last month here in Buenos Aires.

2nd exhibition took place yesterday in Missiones (20 hours North of Buenos Aires). In Missiones you will find one of the Wonders of the world; Iguazu falls.
Nico made this trip in one day because he was sick with the flu all last week.
I have no pictures Nico is going to kill me. I just realized that they didn't download and already erased the pics from my camera. What a bummer. It was a really neat place and he took some sweet pictures. :(
How about some pics of the kids instead???

Nico - Fugiwara Argentina

I imagine some of you are curious to exactly what Nico is doing here in Buenos Aires.
So I will attempt to explain his new job.
Fugiwara is a Brasilian company specializing in Security shoes. Jorge and his partner Guillermo created a company called Fugiwara Argentina. They import Fugiwara shoes and distribute them to wholesalers here in Buenos Aires. Selling around 3000 pairs a month. Jorge and Guillermo both have full time jobs thus Fugiwara Argentina was in need of a Head Honcho, that's where Nico comes in. He is the General Mangager for Fugiwara, under his father and Guillermo.

There are 4 others who work in the office helping with operations. Nico didn't like his desk being right in the middle of them so he cleared out and made himself a private office from a little room off the kitchen

Nico's office

Jorge's office

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Delellis Reality 1

Still battleing headlice. Yo gabba gabba dominates the screen. Pili still has a deep cracky voice; hers seems to be permanent, mine is temporary. Nico shows off his dancing skills, Mati loves capoeira, karate kid fighting, and break-dancing coming soon.

Plain White Ts - Hey There Delilah

I heard this song for the first time last night in the car and LOVED it! I was youtubing it last night when my cousin Sarah chatted me. I asked her is she knew the song and she said "Yeah is was the shizz my freshman year." Hmmmm that would be 4 years ago! Oh man I'm so late! I'm not surprised though cause the radio here is all old school; but classics :) 3 years in NY without a car- I have a feeling I've missed out on a lot of good music. Throw some good ones at me you think I may have missed!!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


A favorite past time for young girls here in BA. While Mati is in Capoeira, Pili and I sneak out to watch the girls Roll. This routine especially cracked me up!

ps: I recieved my first "medal" last night in Capoeira; the white rope "belt" next advance will be the green, I'm going for it. I was bummed because Cesar wanted to take the camera to the roda last night to film but I wouldn't let him. Shoot. I had no idea Ninja was going to give me the rope. No pics or videos to show of my first capoiera advancement. Next time!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mati's famous experiments

Once I became extremely nauseated to do the combination of 100 different spices. Please do not try it at home. Salt and pepper are the only ones I allow now. Pili started off experimenting as well but she kept eating hers and that made me a little nervous since the base was water and glue!
That is vanilla pudding she is eating off the floor if you were wondering, I thought it a better option.

Shrek and Fiona

Mati yells from the bathroom while on the toilet.
Mom I'm shrek and Pili is Fiona
I'm thinking what in the world, I've got to see what they're up to.
Q-tips! and yes they do resemble Ogers. I'm thinking for halloween, I shall just paint their faces green, add a few Q-tips, and we'll be set.

Little Lorraine

It's family thing. hint: Lorainne is my mother's mother (my nanny) and I don't think I'ver ever seen her in pantalones; nothing wrong with smocks though :)

Oh I just found the perfect picture Nanny Lorraine with Matias.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Shopping at home

No need to go to the mall and by a shirt for 200 pesos. I met Virginia through a friend, and she sells clothes at bargain prices well under a 100 pesos I call a bargain here. The best part she comes to you.
LOVE IT! I think I'll have her over again next month.


Yesterday Argentina and Spain played here in Buenos Aires a friendly game. I suppose Spain was being nice. Argentina kicked butt 4-1! OLE. Matias's first soccer game. Nico said he cried when Messi made the first goal. I thought it was for passion but no the fans scared him. They do tend to get a little excited. Ole Ole Ole, Ole Ole Ole A Cada dia te quiero mas. O Argentina es un sentimiento no puedo paraaaarrrrrrr!

Friday, September 3, 2010

LOVE. This family needs yours.

An opportunity to give a little to make a big difference. I was recently told I fly to high, my response was I’d rather fly high and crash, than not fly at all.
Since we arrived in Argentina Nico has continually said that we are here for a reason. We feel that we have found one of them. Over the last few months we have come to know a family in our church. I will leave out names for privacy purposes.

We fell in love with these kids. They are all very charming bright kids with outgoing personalities.

We recently learned these facts about this family:

• The mother was taken out of school when she was 14 and shipped to live with her grandmother in Paraguay and was never put back in school.
• She moved back to Buenos Aires two years ago looking for more opportunity for herself and her children. She has no support from her two ex- husbands.
• They live with an Aunt where they’ve made a bedroom 5m x 4m on the terrace and the floor is about to cave in.
• They are abused by their aunt who at one time was angry with them and would not allow any of them to bathe for 1 week.
• The mother works from 8-3 cleaning an office and Friday until 8.
• The 14 year old takes care of the 3 year old from 8-1 every day. He drops her off at school at 1 and then goes to school himself. He was recently kicked out for excessive tardiness and low scores (we are working with the school and hopefully he will not fail this year; I will also be taking care of the little one 3 days a week so that he can study)
• The 12 year old received a scholarship to play volleyball but wasn’t able to attend because she had no transportation. She is very athletic with an excellent memory and an excellent cook. I hear stews are her specialty.
• The 9 year old is an amazing acrobat who walks around doing back flips.
• The 3 year old lives to play with baby dolls.
• The 14 year old loves science, Michael Jackson, dancing, and playing the flute. He is a hero. A recent prayer of his touched my heart; Padre que nunca nos falta pan.
Repeated twice
I don’t know that I’ve ever asked Our Heavenly Father to bless my family that we would never go without food, though I always thank Him for the food.
I recently visited his school and met his classmates. Nico warned me against it but I insisted. It was very disturbing. I will do everything in my power to place him in a decent school next year. As far as this year goes we have 3 months to prepare him for 9 exams or he will fail the year. We will need your prayers.
We have put three of the kids in Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art) as well as piano lessons for the 14 year old. The 3 yearold is slightly missing out but not really because she get’s three mornings a week with ME!

We are all equal. None of us chose the life we would be given here on earth. We could not choose our family, our country, our health, our looks, or our economic status.
Some of us have been more fortunate than others.

We consider ourselves lucky. We consider this family not so lucky so we would like to give them an opportunity to succeed. Nico and I have done all we can financially to help them.

They need a place to live. For $300 dollars a month we can achieve this.
Our goal is to find 10 families who would be able to contribute $30 dollars a month for a period of 2 years. A one time contribution is obviously acceptable as well and any amount will be helpful.
In 2 years we hope to have more help from the government here and have other goals in place as well. The mother has goals for herself as far as obtaining more work and possibly going back to school. We pray she finds a good man to love and support her and her kids.

We have high-expectations for this family; however, we know they can not do it alone.

We also know that many of us want to help but aren’t always sure how to go about doing it. We are fortunate that this family fell into our hands. We hope to give those of you seeking the desire to help the opportunity to do so. We promise to send monthly updates on the family. We want you to know this family as we do and to know that by contributing you are changing the lives of five beautiful beings.

If you are interested in helping in any way please contact us. We know that behind every face there is a problem, we all have our struggles and we do not wish to burden anyone.
For those who are able, and feel the need to embrace this opportunity I say let’s fly high together and watch this beautiful family soar with us.

Nico & Kristen Delellis
Contact me for photos and more details