Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Midweek at Clyde's

Wednesday and I randomly decide to take the kids out to eat.  I was actually craving Olive Garden's  Zuppa Toscana and eggplant Parmesian (without marinara) only sautéed  tomatoes.  It is one of my all time favorites and really the only thing I can even remember that I've ever ordered off their menu.   Nico recently decided he does't like O.G. and that their food taste like "plastic" so I guess that is why I decided midweek I'd go out with just the kids!  
Well things didn't turn out as planned because Matias was dieing to take his friend Nico to the coolest restaurant in Ashburn.  I gave in, and it was worth it to see the boys have such a great time.

We definitely can't afford Clyde's every week but there is always McDonalds and kid's night has been rockin' lately!

Memorial day weekend "feriado"

We kicked off the weekend  Friday afternoon with our "yard sale" pool.  We cranked up the music and had all the neighborhood kids over!

By Monday we had a slightly better option.  Our neighbors pulled out their slide and pool.  Quite the upgrade!

 Matias and our neighbor Scott were ready to hit the paddle boats at the lake.  It turned into bumper boats and eventually getting soaked under the fountain

We were happy Pili decided to join us.    She had originally opted to stay with Stephanie and Valentina neighbors whom she loves dearly.

We had a fabulous weekend staying right at home in our lovely town of Ashburn.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

mother's day note in Spanish

I haven't started working with Matias at all with his writing or reading in Spanish.  I do have plans to in the near future.  When I got his mother's day note and it was in Spanish I was surprised since it was the first time I have seen him attempt to write in Spanish.  I loved it and it made his note extra special

Mama Sho thi giaeo  eh  Sho thi giao asta il silo.   Mati

Mama Yo te quiero y yo te quiero hasta el cielo.  Mati

Mom I love you and I love you to the sky.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Back to NY for a brief visit

It's been almost 2.5 years since we left NYC.  I was just dieing to get back to visit, especially being that we are just a four hour drive away.   We decided we'd wait for Nico to get a client in the city so we'd have a free hotel.  Well after 7 months he finally gets a client in the big apple, Morgan Stanley.  However, now I have a job watching baby Valentina and so things were getting quite complicated for me to get to NY for a week.   I had pretty much given up all hope when Nico calls me last Thursday night about 10:00 and says "pack your bags, your coming to NY."    He had so much work that he wasn't going to be able to come home for the weekend but PWC was going to pay for us to go spend the weekend with him.
I was a little overwhelmed, but knew it was an opportunity that I couldn't let pass by.  So Friday afternoon we headed to Baltimore to take the train to NYC.  What should have took me 1.5 hours to get to Baltimore took me almost 4 hours because of the terrible DC traffic that I'd heard about but never had to experience until now.  It was insane, and one of the worst experiences of my life no doubt, and I will never get on the DC beltway on a Friday afternoon or any afternoon for that matter.  
We finally got on the train at 8:00 and things all of the sudden felt right again and I was sure I had made the right decision.
We arrived at the Marriott Marquis hotel and took the super futuristic elevators up to the 11th floor for a breathtaking view Times Square.  The kids were so happy to be with Nico in what they called "daddy's house."  I went straight for a hot bath.
Nico worked all weekend and after two days of hauling the kids around the city I realized that I am no longer a city girl.  I think it was easier to live there than to vacation there.   I am so glad that I did go and got it out of my system though, and mostly I was grateful for the opportunity to see old friends and just hang out which we did get to do and did really enjoy.   All the other crowds at Shake Shake, Dylans Candy bar, FAO, Toy's R us, Empire State building, etc. WE WILL NOT BE SEEING YOU FOR A LONG WHILE!  I am very happy in Ashburn, VA and very much enjoyed dinner with the kids Monday night upon arrival at California Tortilla where there wasn't another soul in the restaurant but us! (even though the food isn't all that)

Baltimore train station.  Next time we'll try the DC station.  We thought we would avoid traffic by traveling a little further but uh 4 hours na that didn't work :(

Master conductor was the best and absolutely made our ride so fun; exactly what we needed after all the stress on the Highway

AND WE MADE IT.  Empire State was lit pink for Pili !

GOOD MORNING NYC.... from the
31st floor 
 Pili was just one when we left and Mati the exact age she is now!  I love my babies and they loved NYC!
  Matias did comment that the subway station and trains gave him a headache.  You gotta be able to deal with those to really love NY

Matias's all time favorite place in the whole wide world TOY's R US!

Pili was a little disappointed that Barbie wasn't in her house
 She came home happy though with her new fairy dress and boy did she turn heads in the hotel :)
She was loving the attention and Mati a little bit jealous.  Pili is my girly girl and she LOVES clothes but the problem is that she is obsessed right now with her Pajamas and I can hardly get her out of them.

Matias didn't remember much from NY but he did remember the cheese fries from shake shack so we took a special trip to 77th street just for these!  Stood in line around the block to get in and then squatted a bit until we finally got a table.  I think it was worth it!  I'm being optimistic tonight :)

Then we headed to 66th street.  We visited our building and saw lots of neighbors and then headed towards the river to see our besties! 

Definitely the best part of the trip for me ROOM SERVICE.   

Good Luck Charlie or Hey Jessie ?

Pili after lunch was asking for her green hat I was clueless what she was talking about until about 5 minutes of discussion then it all game together

Ralph Lauren's daughter Dylan's candy bar

My kids wanted to do it all; luckily we only spent two days in NY or we'd be bankrupt about now :)

Sheep's Meadow one of my all time favorite places in this world!
Jamie if you read this we missed you and I hope you are feeling better!

  5 ft balloon- is it worth 40 dollars??? TOTALLY!

I hauled this little princess all over the city, she is obviously not one anymore, and I'm surprised I haven't had to see my neighbor the chiropractor yet

 The night life
 oh how they resemble!

View from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building- had to get this in Monday morning before leaving.

So glad we bumped into to Batman and "bat mobile" before heading home

TUESDAY AND HERE IS MY ROOM SERVICE!  I'm so glad to be home :)