Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Midweek at Clyde's

Wednesday and I randomly decide to take the kids out to eat.  I was actually craving Olive Garden's  Zuppa Toscana and eggplant Parmesian (without marinara) only sautéed  tomatoes.  It is one of my all time favorites and really the only thing I can even remember that I've ever ordered off their menu.   Nico recently decided he does't like O.G. and that their food taste like "plastic" so I guess that is why I decided midweek I'd go out with just the kids!  
Well things didn't turn out as planned because Matias was dieing to take his friend Nico to the coolest restaurant in Ashburn.  I gave in, and it was worth it to see the boys have such a great time.

We definitely can't afford Clyde's every week but there is always McDonalds and kid's night has been rockin' lately!

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