Sunday, February 28, 2010


Chivilcoy 3145 apt 1B
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires (1417)
We spent the last week in our new apartment and I've been dying to tell you guys about it but we are without internet so my blogging is going pretty slow.
Bedrooms! Wow I love them! Matias and Pili are sleeping well together in their room. Matias loves his bed and after a few stories on the couch he is ready to be tucked in to his ben 10 sheets.
We have to do it quietly so we don't wake up Piluchi. Then I'm off to my bedroom which is no longer invaded by two little ones and I'm telling you Nico and I don't know what to do with ourselves, no actually we do! heehee
I'm actually enjoying doing the laundry. I'm not sure what is normal these days (since I've been without a washer and dyer for 6 years) but I'm washing everynight. Not necessarily because I want to but because I have to wash small loads because of the small size of the machine and the length of time it takes to dry (2-3 hours) not sure what kind of system it has. I prefer to let the clothes air-dry overnight and toss them in the dryer for 20 minutes in the morning.
Our dining table!!! I probably should have mentioned this first because I believe it may be what I've be longing for the most and we are definitely enjoying what a nice big table has to offer a family.
AND THERE WAS LIGHT........ HALELUJIA. The windows are great though I don't have a view of Broadway or of the Hudson, the parking lot will suffice.
We are settled in and very comfortable especially with the new mandate.... Friday night slumber parties at the abuelos house. Date night for us! Went well this weekend :)

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Swing Swing....

..... on a Summer's day, Hey hey!

Until we were envaded by THE MOSQUITOS. Yes, I am from Florida and am quite familiar with the little blood suckers however, I don't recall ever carrying around 4 different types of OFF repellent. I caught the headline of the news this evening "Invasion de los mosquitos" no joke. I can't let the kids outside sometimes b/c they are so bad and poor matias is allergic and as sweet as he is they never leave him alone. He averages about 7 bites per leg. Pili is sour LOL they never bite her. No lie.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are your teeth as clean as mine?

Ok so today I went to the dentist for my regular 6 month cleaning. I was a little anxious to have my teeth cleaned by an Argentinean Dentist. How would it be? Couldn't be that different could it? Mabel went first and she was out in 20 minutes. WOW! Her teeth must have been pretty clean I thought, feeling a little nervous that it would probably take double the time to clean mine.
However, she took a quick look at my teeth and then said "You have nothing to clean." She continued to put a paste on my teeth and had me rinse. I laid back down thinking surely there was more to come. She could surely find something to scrape off my teeth and then Floss right? WRONG! She said "You're done" I was in the chair less than 5 minutes. There was a part of me that was relieved, I mean who likes having their teeth cleaned anyways. I soon found myself cracking up "That was a cleaning?"
I wonder what my gynecology appointment will be like next month.... stay tuned. haha

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ben 10

It seems Ben 10 is THE Superhero in BA so Mati's Aunt Flor thought it appropriate to encourage Matias to become a fanatic. Not sure how she pulled it off but within 3 days he was fully equipped with underwear, Pj's, a watch, floaties, hammer, punching bag, inflatable doll, pillow, and I gave in and bought him Ben 10 sheets!

Children's Museum

When I was 8 I got my first real cash register straight from Sam's Club. This was BIG TIME. I was on my way to becoming a Cashier. 9 years later I landed my first job at Food Lion, our local grocery store.

I hope my kids are more ambitious, but after a day at the Children's Museum I am doubtful.

Plaza de Devoto

Plaza de Devoto is our neighborhood park. Hardly comparable to Central Park in terms of size and beauty but we find it almost as entertaining. Carousel, tight rope walker, guitarist, skateboarders, cyclist, dogs, pigeons, puppet shows, hotdogs, etc. Definitely some similarities.
Today I witnessed a pigeon under the wheel of a battery operated four-wheeler driven by a 3 year old. Pili had gathered the pigeons (and 3 parrots) on the sidewalk and left no room for bypassers and this 3 year old wasn't slowing down. I looked the other way but turned back around to soon to observe a pigeon fighting for his life. He survied just left a few feathers behind. I was grossed out.
Photos under Web albums. (no not of the strangled pigieon)