Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pili first ballet recital

introducing Pilar Adriana

Pili's ballet recital

Harper and Mia our two neighbors were in this jazz group and they had a super fun routine

 She'd had enough when they came out for the final bow she started crying
 I almost grabbed her off the stage I knew she was about to break down the fun was over
 and she lost it
 but she performed enough for me it was PERFECT
 Ms. Kristen her teacher


Pilar our itty bitty rockette

PWC Christmas Party and unbelievably great Church party

Jill and Jodi  both go to church with us and their husbands obviously work at PWC.  The party would have been a bust without them by our side the whole night.

Lookin good in their Christmas stripes

 Pili was sick with the Herpe Virus in her mouth.  It was terrible but she looked so stinkin cute I was trying to get a good pic of her all night

I think the best one I got was from behind

Front row seats for the ward program which was absolutely fantastic.  We are feeling even more fortunate to be in such a wonderful ward with so much talent

The Robert family band!!!! they were adorable and now my kids have new idols.  Matias has asked me everyday when they can come over to our house.

  12 days of Christmas in Hawaii

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This year was my second time hosting Thanksgiving although the first one didn't really count since we hosted in our NY 400 sq.ft. studio and didn't even have a table to sit around.  I had just had Pili and didn't have much desire to be cooking either so most of the food was ordered from Balducci even the Turkey

It was a true pleasure this year having Nico's family and my parents and 4 nieces and nephews here to celebrate with us.  We enjoyed good weather, food, and Nico and Jorge good Golf (arrived late for dinner that did go over to well with me but I had forgiven them by the afternoon)

 the judges table-  We had a few talent shows take place and I think getting the table ready for the judges was even more fun for the kids than the actual talent show.

 late night snack

Tuesday, December 6, 2011