Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This year was my second time hosting Thanksgiving although the first one didn't really count since we hosted in our NY 400 sq.ft. studio and didn't even have a table to sit around.  I had just had Pili and didn't have much desire to be cooking either so most of the food was ordered from Balducci even the Turkey

It was a true pleasure this year having Nico's family and my parents and 4 nieces and nephews here to celebrate with us.  We enjoyed good weather, food, and Nico and Jorge good Golf (arrived late for dinner that did go over to well with me but I had forgiven them by the afternoon)

 the judges table-  We had a few talent shows take place and I think getting the table ready for the judges was even more fun for the kids than the actual talent show.

 late night snack

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