Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pilitis- First English words

Pili is doing great with English!  It has not been a barrier for her at all, well that you could ever really tell.
She played her heart out with all her cousins and had a great relationship with my parents even though it wasn't words that drew them together.
We put a list on mom's fridge and tried to write down some of her first words.  The cousins helped me out a lot with this as I frequently forgot to add to the list.

- come here little buddy (referring to Lu our new pup)
- good job
- Hey guys
- Oh my goodness/gosh
- its okay
- golf cart
- my turn
- mine
- water
- wait
- I know
- open
- I want
-  I like
- What you doin
- watch your fingers

I'll try to keep going with the list a few more weeks though I don't here her speak English so much anymore now that we are in VA.

She can count to 10 but always skips and 6 and has learned to sing twinkle twinkle and give said the little stream from my mom singing her to sleep at night.  When I first heard her singing I wondered how in the world she learned those songs.  At first I thought it was through Nursery but I had been with her in Nursery and didn't remember them singing those songs.  That's when it hit me and I told mom and yes she had been singing to her but never dreamed she would be singing them already.  Very sweet.

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