Wednesday, October 12, 2011

our "new" life

10 days, 10 photos each day - Goal to capture our new life

Here we go - wish I knew some way to do a cool collage- but I don't !


let me start with the previous first 10 days here in Ashburn, Virginia

Tub big enough for the whole family

on our way home from ikea we saw the Castle, Pili will get it right one day, before marriage hopefully

Pizza delivery!  and it was no ordinary pizza this was Vocelli's spinach and chicken absolutely delicious pizza, and it's just about 3 blocks away!!  If PWC doesn't work out for Nico he has something lined up already haha

 CHEERS TO MATIAS he passed the ESL English as a second language test and we have the option of opting out of those classes which we did
 I had to take a  picture b/c Matias didn't believe that Lu slept with him almost every night
 After almost 10 years of no yard work here we go again I mean here HE goes again
So I insisted we get a convertible as our second vehicle.  I didn't really care which one just had to be a convertible.  Turns out the SAAB are one of the convertibles that don't hold their value in other words the cheapest so thats what we got.   Nico will be traveling most of the time via Avion so this car won't really get used to, much another reason we felt it was the right time to have a convertible.   I want to thank my sister for sending me pics of her family while on vacation in Hawaii.  They rented a red convertible Mustang and that's kind of where my obsession with having a convertible started!!  WE LOVE IT!

 AND I CAN"T STAY OUT OF TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We took this trail in our neighborhood that leads right to Matias's school there is a tunnel and all so the kids
 never have to cross the street, so convenient.

 The pond in back of our home. I 've got fishing poles on the Christmas list (hope nico doesn't read this)
 Weird how veggies so common to us cease to exist on other continents.  We are happy to see the PUMPKIN again

Columbus day and we decided to discover our first park ; Trailside.  We made friends with a great family who built this Tee-pee.  TO COOL for SCHOOL (Matias still hasn't started kindergarten)

Going swimming at the Pavilion just a jump, hop, and skip ........

........... and scooter away

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I love it! Looks like a wonderful place for you to live!