Friday, November 16, 2012

WashingTON DC

(kekee tours)

Evie man in a suite and Evie said he must work for Obama! lol

I know what Daddy's thinking "Help me get through this day with all these youngens'"

 I tried

 Davis you to cool for school !

 Lunch time

God blessed me to live in an amazing country and to AMAZING parents.  I am blessed.

Lincoln Memorial

Mati's wish today " To have Davis and all his cousins live in his neighborhood"

Reflection Pool

He's da man!

 Salute to my dad Vientam Veteran!

Matias: Were you a warrior
In the battle?
Dad: What a Soldier?  Yeah I was a soldier
Matias:Did you get hurt?  
Dad: No uh uh
Matias:Did you win?
Dad: no we lost, it's a long story
Matias: tell me

Friendliest squirrels in the world- more so than in Central Park

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