Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scentsy party

A couple of months ago I went to have a facial and the aroma in the waiting room was just out of this world.  I insisted that the secretary tell me who was responsible, and it was SCENTSY!
She showed me the warmer and I fell in love.
So two months later I host a Scentsy party --
and my house now gon' be smellin' so good!

Nina and Maddy

I went to my good friend Maria Belen's open house on the same day I was hosting the scentsy party and I fell in love with her jewelry from Equador which is all made from natural products. ex: Orange peels, nuts, seeds, etc.  I decided to have her bring all her "stuff" to my place and add on to the party, it was FABULOUS!

Alejandra y Maria Belen

Scentsy display

My girl Dusty and baby Nicoletta who I will start watching as of tomorrow!!!!!!

Lexy or LEX?? lol

I probably really should delete this photo but I'm not, it's good to show our true colors once in a while!
(my necklace one I bought from Maria B- made from orange peels and smells so yummy!)

Rebecca, Dusty, and Kristy

Nisey, Jamie, Suzan (note my nut bracelet made from an Ecuadorian nut)

Jessica consultant Lou Anne's back ! lol

Susan, Rhonda, Jen's friend, Jen

My Pili who said it was the best party ever!!!  She even scored that pink necklace :)


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The Davies Family said...

hahaha! I recognize those two backsides in the first picture! It was a fun party!