Saturday, October 20, 2012


We've been waiting  a long time for Pili to get to wear this special dress.  Mom made it for my sister Kayli when she was 4 and I actually had one too a pink one,  I was two, but we are not sure where it ended up.
These were our Easter dresses and we actually had a photo shoot done in them.
I can't believe I didn't get any of my mom's talent.  It's a real shame.
Mom you are an amazing woman!
(just had to give her a shot out, she deserves it)

Dusty (Porter's mom)

Para los que no sepan tan bien la cultura Inglesa.   Little Bo Peep es un cuento classico Britanic.   Trata de una nina que pierda sus ovejas.
Yo no se que significado tiene pero bueno ahora entienden porque yo soy una oveja, nico un Pastor, y Mati el lobo :)   Sta' bueno no??!! heheheh

Con Maria Belen, Sebastian, y Nico

The cupcakes were incredible.  The Young Women did an outstanding job!

 Me quede fascinada con las tortitas

con Ellie una amiguita

Pili fell asleep before the party.  She had the Flu shot Thursday, and ran a fever and Friday, and was not feeling so good today.  I doubt I'll be giving the flu shot anymore.  Going to look for a more holistic approach!

 I know he didn't say two words the whole night because he would not take those teeth out, except of course for a cupcake!

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