Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kindergarten crush

I invited a few of Matias's classmates over on Friday and one happened to be a girl.  A girl I knew he was friends with but hadn't noticed anything more.
Well I was dieing because Nicole couldn't keep her hands off Matias.  Seriously I was laughing at one point really hard but then I came in for the rescue and swept him  up and said "those hugs are only for mami"  Mati smiled and kind of giggled and I think he was happy I saved him.   He was so nice to Nicole and never complained to her so I thought maybe he likes it or maybe he just doesn't want to hurt her feelings.  I did hear him  say to one of the boys "Nicole really likes to hug me"  kind of like I'm not really sure what's up but I promise I'm still with the boys!
Wow it got me thinking what I'm in for!

 I mean smitten.  Oh I wish someone could have seen her face (the I am in love face) it was really too funny but then I remembered my kindergarten crush and it is oh so serious!!
 This is when I came in for the RESCUE!

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