Sunday, October 31, 2010

Determined to celebrate Halloween

What is it that we are actually celebrating anyways? The question from every Argentinean yesterday at the party. You know what I told them. Google it! haha
I tried to convince our ward to throw a party about three months ago but didn't get any response from them. We almost went to another ward where there are several American families and they were throwing the typical halloween ward party. However, we decided what fun would that be when we didn't know a soul and much less for Mati and Pili. I fell victim to throwing a Halloween party right by myself. It got rained out so we ended up in the church gym. It was a lot of work but I can honestly say this time I think Nico did more than me so I give him most of the credit. He did all the decorations and all the clean up work afterwards while I played in the bounce house and chatted with a few gals who hung around. The kids had the time of their life and of course it's all about them right :)

Because I was so busy being the host these are the only pictures I have of our family. I never could get Pili to put on her Minnie ears and didn't take the time to go to plan B; pigtail ears. Mati poor thing we painted his head with paint and in a rush didn't do the best of a job. After 10 minutes he said his head hurt and I had to do away with Yoda's ears :( He wasn't comfortable playing in his jedi robe either and we did away with that after about 5 minutes. I thought Nico was a HOT Jedi, and Mickey's tail was a hit, the kids must have pulled it off a hundred times.

trick or treating


Lili's first halloween and what a good sport.

I love how 4 year old girls seem to adore Pili

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Nielsen Family News said...

You are awesome- any party will be a success with you and Nico around!!