Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Modes of transportation

by foot 10 blocks
30 minute train
15 minute taxi
1.5 hour ferry
2.5 hour charter bus
AND THEN WE MADE IT TO THE TEMPLE Montevideo, Uruguay. (Buenos Aires is being refurbished)

RIO DE LA PLATA (widest river in the world)

Daniel and La Cha Cha We were glued to this couple the whole time. Love them!
Some dad woke up at 5am to make home made bread for his family WOW!

I was slightly disapointed when I found out I would not be sleeping with Nico and I would be in the temple Hostel with 8 other ladies. Nevertheless ended up having a blast.


Nielsen Family News said...

What a great thing- how fun! How far is the Buenos Aires temple from you?

nicokekeematipili said...

40 minutes
It was great I'm glad Nico convinced me to go because I wasn't exactly onboard.