Monday, November 22, 2010

Capoeira WE DID IT!

I can hardly move my neck but it was worth it! Yesterday the adrenaline was pumping and we were "baptized" and recieved the green cuerda. I put up a fight but the gal was determined to take me down and she did! Nico got it bad he didn't have a chance. Cesar, Claudia, and Alejandro were exceptional. Ale's triple back handsprings surprised everyone! Today was a holiday and I pretty much slept it away and it was so needed that back handspring of mine doesn't come so easy anymore but I'm so proud I can still do it :) Check Check---- Check it oooouuuuut!!!!!

Quite lengthy video- consists of Cesar, Me, and Nico being "baptized" then a bit of the higher levels being baptized - it's good stuff, and then ends with Samba Brasilera

This video is of Claudia and Alejandro

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Nielsen Family News said...

You guys are nothing less than AMAZING!!!!