Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thumbs up to Arapey!

Magician Rey Ben

Bingo - Matias went back and forth from me to Mabel cause he wanted to be with the winner. Good thing he stuck it out with me.... CAUSE WE WON!

Interesting bike ride. Everything was going great until I was speeding down a hill and realized my bike had no breaks! SCAREY. I was able to curve off on the grass and do a few loops to stop and Pili and I survived. Nico and Matias didn't seem worried and couldn't seem to stop laughing. I insisted we switch bikes!

La Familia

Pilar and Pedro should their paths meet again I wouldn't mind, I'd love some curly headed grandchildren.

Good times with Abi

bye bye lizard


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Tabitha said...

Love all your posts! Your family is adorable!