Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Monday and Tuesday were holidays here for "Carnival"  It's really a Braazilian thing but Argentineans I suppose do there thing too.  We took no part in Carnival, not even sure what went on but we enjoyed our

Pili's attempt to put on mascara
Soccer morning

another one of these
Butter and Salt please!!! I'm so over sweet popcorn.  I was surprised though that I was still able to mix in my m&m's for a quite pleasingly taste.  Actually eating the M&Ms made the popcorn seem saltier.
Movies: Rango- Total let down, all we got out of it was some cute pictures

Pili spitting out her popcorn.  She wanted to like it so bad she attempted 3 times. However, unfortunately spitting it into the palm of our hands each time.
She only lasted about 20 minutes in the theatre.  The idea was that she would take her nap in the movie like the 2 previous times.  It didn't work.  We will not be going back to the movies with Pili anytime soon.

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