Friday, April 22, 2011

2011 big year for Us Aries

Claudia turns 13- April 8th

Jorge turns 55- April 11th

And the thirties have arrived for Mama Kekee- April 13th
I had really decided against a party.  I knew we were going to be eating at Mabel's with all the family on Friday, but I didn't expect to see my friends or Rey Ben or a Chef.  It was a great surprise and totally rejuvenated my soul and helped to embrace the new age.

 Rey Ben is a very comical magician who we had seen entertain over the summer in Uruguay, and I never imagined I'd have the opportunity to see him again

Full Pizza service in the backyard consisted of at least 10 different types of pizza; eggplant and spinach two of my favorites, plus delicious empanadas as appetizers.

Leandro, a friend of Nico's from High School is Aries as well. We actually celebrated his 30th the weekend before at a BOUNCE house-talk about rejuvenation! 

Pili impressed with the card trick

The cards I was sitting on "magically" appeared under Flor's bottom.

Of course it was totally arranged by the party planners that Matias would be the first kid chosen to help Rey Ben do his magic.  He was so nervous but it was adorable and I can't believe we weren't prepared with the camara.

The Party Planners

Good food and Good entertainment = Great Party
Pili finger up her nose = Booger

Grand finale
 Notice Rey Ben is all tied up (with the help of Nico and Leandro) WITHOUT his coat
the red curtain on the floor is lifted up and within seconds he reappears WITH his COAT ON. 
There was more to it but I won't even try to explain.
He has his magic down but what really makes this magician is his wit.  It was non stop laughter for a solid hour.

I knew these two were up to something!!

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