Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making friends

Abi's dad is one of Hillary Clinton's Body Guards!!  cooooool
Nasha's mom is from Morocco and her dad from Libya or Lebanon (terrible with middle east countries)
so far I like Mati's taste in girls :)

 Nico and Sebastion go to our church. Their parents are from Ecuador and I am so happy that Mati made some friends he can speak to in Spanish and who can also put his soccer skills to the test!  Mati had Monday and today off school and we hung out with these guys both days and they had so much fun playing together.   I'm tha-rilled!

I decided not to put any furniture in the basement because  I just wanted a space where the kids could really RUN AROUND, and I was very glad to see the space getting used just as I had imagined.

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