Sunday, January 13, 2013

A VERY eventful Saturday

We started off this morning at 8:00 with Mati's basketball game.

Mati's foul shots

Then my game at 9:00 with the church league and I got a ticket for speeding on the way to the church, which meant I got to the church mad and hence played some hardball LOL  My favorite move dribbling the ball right under my opponents legs.  Everyone got a WOW out of that play and honestly I think the girl just opened her legs for me cause I really don't know  how I pulled that move off.  I was thinking about that speeding ticket the whole time :(
Mami's foul shot

We came home got  a quick bite to eat, thankfully Zaharina had made us some Bulgarian meatball soup!
We got changed and headed to the church for Seba's baptism which was absolutely beautiful and very spiritually fulfilling.

Then we went straight to Stephanie's for Valentina's 1 year Celebration.  What a fun party and we just love being with Val but having Minnie and the Pirate there did make it extra special.  I just loved when Val through the cake right on my new boots too!! lol  She wanted to get me just as dirty as her, and because it's Val I would have let her!

It was such a beautiful day that after the party we had to get the last bit of sunshine in by being outside so we took a quick trip (kids on bikes) to the pavilion to see if the fishermen were having any luck.  They weren't and once we got there we were such a distraction that they just decided to call it a day.

Matias hadn't had enough of Basketball ball so then we went in the Pavilion to the gym for the boys to play b-ball and my and Pili did gymnastics until my blood pressure dopped and me and Pili ran back over to Stephanie's to eat left over Pizza and Pasta from the Party.

We had some gift cards from Target so we couldn't stand another day without using them so we headed to Target to get some things for the house.
This DVD stand was one of the things I really needed for my new collection of movies
Some of my newest favorites...

When we got back some of the neighbors had set up the projector to watch the Bronco vs Ravens.  We thought it was so cool we had to go check it out and they invited us to stay and watch Ice Age 4.  We were exhausted but couldn't pass up this opportunity to hang out around a fire with cool people eating yummy things and watching  a great movie.  It was a fabulous way to end the night.


Needless to say the kids CRASHED out once we got home!  Nico unwinded with a bit of The office and me computer time.

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