Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Eve Party


Hay Ride

Daddy loves to throw a party!

 Nico bringing me a funnel cake

Chili winner: la Cubana!

Another Adele fan: 2nd cousin Jayden did a fabulous job singing

Pili with 2nd cousin Taytum

1st cousin Sarah singing with boyfriend Dylan
(Sunny and Cher, Tim and Faith, Johnny and June)

Happy New Year!  Glad we are still alive after one of the fireworks fell over and went off right in our face.  So scary and we watched the rest of the show from inside the house.  Matias's finger got burnt but he said it didn't even hurt.

Pili went home with Taytum so she wasn't with us to ring in the new year.  She showed up an hour later it was her second attempt to spend the night with Taytum.

Greek family tradition.  Pita with hidden coin.   George and his family found the coin in their slice of pita hence will have good luck this year.   However, he said he had it last year and him and his wife split up so he was trying to pawn the coin off on someone else! haha

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