Monday, July 9, 2012

Daytona Beach

We had a very scary moment when we were swimming and saw a huge shadow in the water.  Jessi started screaming shark and we all got out as quick as possible.  The shadow was moving against the current and we were determined it was about to attack.  We ran down the beach yelling SHARK and got as many people out of the water as we possibly could, to find out it was just a harmless MANATEE!!
Who would've figured.

workin it

 building a "zoo castle" with Neannie

Matias really enjoyed the beach this year.  He didn't mind the "big" waves or salty water.
Pili went in without hesitation but quickly realized "I have something in my eyes"  which was salt.  She didn't like that to much and avoided getting her face wet as much as possible.

The board walk.
 We were all very shocked and proud of barely 7 year old Leila who decided to do the Slingshot with absolutely no fear.   Wish I had a picture to post of that.
My kids just stuck to the tilt-a -whirl and when we attempted the go-carts we crashed pretty bad and both my kids ended up with bruises on their backs, and Pili in tears.  It was funny watching everyone else bump into each other but getting bumped wasn't so cool.

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